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If you are following ‘The Barcaldine Diary’ series from the very beginning, you know how much I like this adorable
The Barcaldine Diary - Barcaldine_pin
I called Barcaldine “home” for quite a long period. Being there was definitely something special. Not to repeat myself, please
The Barcaldine Diary - Leaving Aramac pin en
I spent 6 weeks in Aramac so far, doing my specified work as a bartender in order to extend my
How to be prepared for the outback experience – 88 days in Aramac_pin_en
Having the real Australian outback experience is a thing that you will never forget because it is really special. However,
“Sometimes only the feeling remains. There might be a person, a landscape, a journey that changed your life, but you can’t recall precisely how it happened. You don’t remember the exact date. You hope that no one asks you to explain the details of the story – and especially not to reveal how it ends. You start to think that you should have kept a diary or at least notes. And yet, the sensation is still there, vivid and intact.”  

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