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A non-monogamous relationship that based on trust and honesty
"I was backpacking the islands of Hawaii spring of 2016 and met a guy who was living there at the
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Like a scene out of a movie
"It was 4 years ago when I fell in love while abroad in London on the week before I was
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Compromise and support
"I moved to Tanzania in January 2016 to work for an education non-profit. This was just last August we met,
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Long distance relationship for a year
"He's British and often travels in Europe and especially Italy where I am from. He was in Venice and I was
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“Sometimes only the feeling remains. There might be a person, a landscape, a journey that changed your life, but you can’t recall precisely how it happened. You don’t remember the exact date. You hope that no one asks you to explain the details of the story – and especially not to reveal how it ends. You start to think that you should have kept a diary or at least notes. And yet, the sensation is still there, vivid and intact.”  

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