Hope for love

Hope for love

“I decided to move to Madrid for three months back in September just to get away from the city and take advantage of working remotely. I moved into my apartment and three days later fell in love with my Irish roommate.

Within the first week, we were officially boyfriend and girlfriend and happily in love. Both of us are picky and hadn’t been in a relationship for 4-5 years. Gotta say, I wasn’t just picky though, I was straight up jaded and cynical about love after being in a few traumatic relationships.

He has really renewed my belief in love.

We didn’t get a chance to date, it’s like I just moved in and we immediately got to see each other for who we are and spend every single day together.

We are just in a tough spot at the moment because he had to move back to Ireland for work and my visa for here is about to expire in mid-July. So I’m flying back home and have pretty much been crying every day about not seeing a real solution to the situation.

We both have a lot of hope and all love stories make me think it’ll all sort itself out.”

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