Falling in love as a nomadic traveller

Falling in love as a nomadic traveller

“My boyfriend and I fell in love in a hostel on Crete a year ago. We were both solo long-term travelers at the time. Him for almost over 11 years and me for almost 2. Since the day we met we’ve been together, and have traveled to over 14 countries and 3 continents as a couple. It was pretty difficult in a lot of ways.

I describe it as going on a first date with someone, and then just never going home. You have everything you own with you in your backpack, and you just continuously hang out together, going from place to place. We went through all the stages of falling for each other, learning about each other, becoming a couple, saying I love you, without ever getting a break to go home, collect your thoughts, realize you miss them, talk to your friends about it.

6 months in I flew back home to California. We spent a month apart before I flew to Cyrus to meet back up with him. We call that the start of our second date which I guess we’re still currently on!

It’s wild to fall in love as a nomadic traveler.

We were both so independent when we met, and had to adjust to what it means to travel as a couple. The biggest challenge was being around each other 24/7 since the day we met. We felt like we couldn’t really take our time with the relationship. It went straight from oh we just met to oh yeah we’re pretty much living together. And that immediate lifestyle switch was hard to adjust to. Our genuine attraction to each other and compatibility got us through it. But yeah a lot of people embark on a nomadic lifestyle together once they’re already established as a couple. And for us, it was a lot to be living a very intimate lifestyle before we really understood each other.

We had to learn about each other while navigating where we were sleeping for the night and what our next meal would be and how to get to our next destination and all the travel stuff that happens. Also, we had very different traveling styles when we met, so trying to find the compromise of traveling in a way that made both of us happy. We’re in a really good place with it now, but yeah it was a challenge to get here.

I guess the best thing in our relationship that we choose to be with each other every day. We’re travelers so we could at any moment just do our own thing and separate. I could buy a plane ticket and go anywhere. But we want to be together, and that’s why we’re together. Traveling is a very honest way of living. It’s hard to bullshit yourself, or someone else. We both really trust each other, because we’ve seen all the highs and lows that travel brings out. I’ve seen him scared, sick, angry, stressed, tired, hungry, sad and vice versa. Maybe couples who have never traveled without each other can feel like they need the other person to navigate it. But we were solo travelers for years before we met. So we see each other and still choose to be with each other.

There have been many opportunities to walk away. But we both keep making the decision to stay together. And that’s something special.

It’s been so hard but also so amazing. Considering how much we’ve been through, I’m actually amazed we’re still together. But I have to say, we understand each other on the deeper level than I’ve ever had with anyone else. We’re still together, we’re still traveling, and I have no idea what our future will look like.”


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