Travel for recovering

Travel for recovering series

Travel for recovering is a long process. I have met some amazing people and learned their stories, which have lead me to open this section here. When I met them and were having some short but deep conversations, most of the time I didn’t say a thing. Only listened.

Listening to their stories helped me to realize two things:

  • for other reasons and in different circumstances, we all fight with the same things after all and the rest just garnish;
  • and we are not alone wherever we are, regardless of nationality, position, family status and so.
Abarad, a new mobile application for travellers_2
Abarad, a new mobile application for travellers
A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to test a brand new mobile application, which has been developed by
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Durmitor National Park Zabljak – Only the feeling remains travel blog_1
Durmitor National Park Zabljak
To be honest, Durmitor National Park Zabljak is my favourite place in Montenegro so far and if you like hiking,
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Travel for recovering – The girl on the peak
I have wanted to go there ever since I had the idea to travel to Montenegro. After visiting Kotor, Perast,
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Bar Montenegro and a random emotional outburst
Bar Montenegro Because we had an amazing time together with the lovely German girl, who I met in Kotor, we
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Kotor Montenegro 1
Fun times in Perast and Kotor Montenegro
After several bus changes and driving through a few countries, finally, I arrived in Kotor Montenegro. This post may contain
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Travel for recovering – Let’s make it happen
Overplanning, thinking about everything ahead, struggling with fictitious or real things, fearing of something, sticking to someone or something and
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Travel for recovering - the beginning - cover
Travel for recovering – The beginning
Hey, my lovely Readers! After I have finished a wonderful series that is called 'Love stories by female travellers' and
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6 things you shouldn’t miss on Tenerife, Canary Island
Tenerife is the island of eternal spring and also is one of the 5 islands of Canary Islands. There are
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Jeep Safari in La Gomera Canary Island cover
Jeep Safari in La Gomera – a Canary Island without mass tourism
There are a lot of advantages of La Gomera, which is one of the Canary Islands. This little island is probably
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Corfu the Greek island you must see
Corfu the Greek island you must see
In late June I was off to Corfu Island, Greece – or Kerkyra as the locals say -, which is
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