Love stories by female travellers

Love stories by female travellers

Being loved and love someone is one of the best feelings in the World, but what happens if it crashes you when you are on the road. Sometimes only the feeling remains of your romantic getaway, but sometimes it will be a long-term romantic relationship or even marriage.

Find your inspiration for travelling and falling in love by reading love stories of female travellers.  
  • My love story
    My love story

    A lot of beautiful love stories have been published for the last few weeks that written and lived through by amazing females who met with the One on the road. Love Stories by Female Travellers I think this will be my turn so here is my love story that started more than 10 years ago […]

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  • Don’t close your heart to the possibility of love
    Don’t close your heart to the possibility of love

    “Last year in September I moved to Melbourne on a whim. I’d had a recent break up and I told myself I didn’t want to get in a relationship again because I had so many goals I wanted to achieve and I thought a guy would just be a distraction. I had made the decision […]

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  • Trust is the key
    Trust is the key

    “My story has been going on for about two years now, so I consider myself (in my modest opinion) capable of giving you a view into my experience of a long-distance relationship. After my studies at the Antwerp University, I decided to add an extra year at a business school in Belgium. This “master-after-master” degree […]

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  • We made it work
    We made it work

    ” In the fall of 2015, I was working in Colombo, Sri Lanka. I didn’t know anyone except the one girl I was working with so I decided to go to some events by myself to try to meet people and make friends. My husband, who is from Sri Lanka, happened to be here at the […]

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  • Birthday gift
    Birthday gift

    “I met baby daddy while travelling in Guatemala. He was volunteering at a hostel in Flores and we met right on my birthday. I was meant to leave to Belize a day after we met but decided to stay since we had an amazing time together. When I got back to work in Antigua, he came […]

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  • The target is love
    The target is love

    “I had been traveling solo and with friends on and off for a while – living in Greece for three months, Australia – my home – for 5 weeks and France for two months. Then I accepted a place at university in England, unable to do anything sensibly I decided to travel for three months […]

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  • A cross-cultural relationship
    A cross-cultural relationship

    “I moved to India, rather predictably, after a broken heart back home in New Zealand. A rush of blood to the head, and 6 weeks later, India. No planning or thought just had to leave New Zealand – and him – behind. Anyway, there was a series of catastrophic events a few months after I […]

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  • Meet me in France
    Meet me in France

    “The first time I met my husband I’d been travelling for 73 hours, from Albania to France overland.  I barely noticed him or him me and we didn’t get together until I moved there a year later. He wasn’t the reason I moved, but we’re both British so meeting in France counts I think. I didn’t know […]

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  • From the bed to the altar
    From the bed to the altar

    “Long story short: I went to Thailand, drunk in a bar, woke up in someone’s bed and married him 1,5 later. The longest version is: He is from England and I am from France and we met in Koh Tao in Thailand in November 2011. He was living in Thailand where he studied to became diving instructor. […]

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  • 8 months later
    8 months later

    “I was spending a week in Mallorca with my cousin and another friend of mine. We didn’t want to spend much money so we ended up staying at a pretty crummy hostel just outside of Palma de Mallorca. On the 2nd night staying at our hostel a couple of Italian boys caught our eye, but […]

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  • He came and never left
    He came and never left

    “I was 41 years old, and, in the summer of 2016, I left my job of 18 years to become a traveling yoga teacher. My first destination was Rishikesh in India to attend an intensive Iyengar yoga retreat in an ashram. I remember one evening chatting with my roommate, she asked me to describe my […]

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  • A non-monogamous relationship that based on trust and honesty
    A non-monogamous relationship that based on trust and honesty

    “I was backpacking the islands of Hawaii spring of 2016 and met a guy who was living there at the time. So the day we met, Marcel had been camping in a valley and had to hike out in a downpour. The waist-high river on the way in had turned shoulder deep, and he was […]

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  • Like a scene out of a movie
    Like a scene out of a movie

    “It was 4 years ago when I fell in love while abroad in London on the week before I was leaving. I was in a club with a friend, it was my last week in London after a year and we were celebrating. There were these two guys hitting on us but I got bored very […]

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  • Compromise and support
    Compromise and support

    “I moved to Tanzania in January 2016 to work for an education non-profit. This was just last August we met, I’m from the US, he is Tanzanian. We met at a mutual friends’ bar-b-que. When we met I was actually telling him about how I was leaving Tanzania and couldn’t wait to come home and […]

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  • Long distance relationship for a year
    Long distance relationship for a year

    “He’s British and often travels in Europe and especially Italy where I am from. He was in Venice and I was in uni in a city close by. At the time we were both using Tinder. and we matched on the day he left. We spoke for two weeks until he decided to come back to […]

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  • Taking risks for an even bigger reward
    Taking risks for an even bigger reward

    “They say if you want to meet someone special, that you should do the things that you love the most i.e. travel. This increases the chances that you will connect with someone who shares the same passions as you.  That was true for me when I (Australian) met my boyfriend Max (Argentinian) while we were […]

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