Little happy things

Travellers' problem- I am tired. – I told him.- Then go to bed and take a nap. - he answered.-
Welcome back! Today I'd like to share with you my ultimate guide about how not to behave after giving up your
A few posts ago I shared with you “Why I’m not waiting for the huge life-changing moment anymore” - and
and why you shouldn’t either. I finally did it: I quit. But first things first, let's start the story from the
Although there are a bunch of possibilities online and offline to learn and practice a new language, I gave all
This section is dedicated to my top 10 travel quotes that may feed your wanderlust and inspire you to travel
*This post may contain affiliate links. Until now I lost 18 kilograms and I'm not done yet. I started to
A few days ago I got nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award by a cool blogger girl Sophie The Bookworm.