Albania is an underrated treasure box in the Balkan. Most of the people really don’t know too much about this
If I want to be really honest – as always – Tirana is not my favourite city in Albania. Compared
The more than 2000 years old village is a UNESCO-recognised site. I planned 3 days to stay there, which easily
A.k.a. Don’t trust in the Moon in Saranda Well, if you are in Albania - and I highly recommend that
Exploring durres – Only the feeling remains_1
A lot of people visit Durres because of its beaches, which I really don't understand. Durres is an amazing city
… and how not to! One of my most memorable, most adventurous and most amazing days on my “Travel for
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This post may contain affiliate links.  One of the most popular travel destinations in the region, which is not a