Travel for recovering – Let’s make it happen

Overplanning, thinking about everything ahead, struggling with fictitious or real things, fearing of something, sticking to someone or something and so on. All of them are so much fun, right? Yeah, nope. If you have already read my last few posts, you surely know that I picked Albania as my next destination and I started [...]

Travel for recovering – The beginning

Hey, my lovely Readers! After I have finished a wonderful series that is called 'Love stories by female travellers' and published some posts that are referred to my every day, real life – for example, this or this-, I just realized how much you love them and an inspiring thought came to my mind (again??? [...]

6 things you shouldn’t miss on Tenerife, Canary Island

Tenerife is the island of eternal spring and also is one of the 5 islands of Canary Islands. There are 6 things that you shouldn't miss on Tenerife Canary Island. Take a look at my photo diary and let them lead you to a very special place with so many fun things to do. Although [...]