Diving at Jablanac Shipwreck in Croatia

Jablanac is an enchanted, hidden village in Croatia. The population of the small spot is around 100 people. One of my favourite gems, not only because the village and its surroundings are insanely wonderful, but I could do activities I really like: hiking and diving. This post may contain affiliate links.How to find the shipwreck [...]

Why Kennedy Space Center should be on your Florida bucket list

If you are planning to go to Florida and NASA’s Kennedy Space Center isn’t on your list, you’ll just start to miss out the biggest highlight there. This complex is a must-see, even if you are planning to go with your kids. I bet they will enjoy it as much as you too.    This post [...]

2 stunning waterfalls near Budapest

Budapest is amazing, and if you had already read my previous posts you know exactly how much I love it - if you don’t you can make up for it by clicking here and here. But all of us need some rest and get away from the always vivid and teeming “big city life”. If [...]