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I’m Gabi, a girl from Hungary who finally gathered all her braveness and a couple of years ago made the decision to quit her job, sold everything and started to travel full time. 

Yeah, I know, I know, so many people did the same, so why you should read my blog?

Is Only the feeling remains for you?

This blog is about travelling and emotions. Although I really enjoy writing posts about places and countries and I do it with the hope that you will find some useful tips, articles about emotions, problems and how to cope with them and, in fact, this is my favourite part.

Because it is real.

I am not a psychologist, not even a life-coach so you won’t find the solution for your problem while you are reading my posts. But I am a normal human being who makes mistakes – so many -, who feels anxiety – almost every time, overthinking is my favourite hobby -, who has fears and insecurities – overthinking again -, and who knows exactly how hard it could be if you want to change not the whole but some part of your life and step over your boundaries while you are leaving your comfort zone.

So I am just like everybody else and that’s why Only the feeling remains might be for you because you might be fighting with the same things and here you will know that you are not alone which is almost the most powerful tool against fears.

I might not know the answers but you can get some inspirations or power to find them and be able to leave your boundaries behind. Plus I can be really funny sometimes – at least sarcastic.

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Join us because our community is about encouraging each other, and it doesn’t matter what kind of things you have to face with.

Thanks for writing this and being super vulnerable. I wish I had read this when I first decided to quit my job and move across the world, but I will share it so that others can also know they are not alone xx

I am so touched to read this..I guess straight from heart and so true. I guess taking decisions is not that easy many times.it takes a lot of courage but it’s worth. After all we have one life only


This is such an honest post, one that I think more people need to hear. The world we live in is one where everyone is expected to follow nearly the same path of birth – school – work – family – retire, that once you shift any little inch from that path, you are seen as just a little crazy (or maybe a lot), when, in reality, you are simply taking a different path.

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Why did I start Only the feeling remains blog?

Because I love writing and photography, but when I started to write my blog, it was only for myself in order to improve my English skills, extend my vocabulary and of course, recall old memories and keep my travel experiences from all around the World on paper. And then, I had an inspiring thought and suddenly here I am publishing my blog. It is a kind of diary. I get my power from these memories. I really enjoy writing it and I hope you’ll find some interesting things or an experience that can be useful for you. Or just makes you smile.

Why Travelling and Emotions?

I’m a very lucky person because I have always had the possibility to travel all around the world since I was a child. My parents worked extremely lot and hard as well, but we always had 2-3 weeks per year when we just escaped somewhere in the world to be together.

Then, I had a job that allowed me to explore places I had never seen before. I worked as director of marketing and communication at a company that works in the attractions and amusement industry. Although I had to perform my duties in a professional manner during my work trips and it could be really hard work sometimes – just trying to smile all day and be kind, while keeping your attention on almost everything 16 hours a day, all week, you’ll see it is – usually I had some free time to look around the city.

Travel is addictive, one of the best feelings is to wake up in a new place not knowing exactly what kind of people you are going to meet that day, what kind of adventures are on their way. So I decided to travel as much as I can and now I can because I quit my job, and all of a sudden I became a girl who is a part-time copywriter, a part-time photographer, a part-time blogger, a part-time online marketing manager and who knows what. But I am also a girl who is happy where she is.

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    “Sometimes only the feeling remains.

    There might be a person, a landscape, a journey that changed your life, but you can’t recall precisely how it happened. You don’t remember the exact date. You hope that no one asks you to explain the details of the story – and especially not to reveal how it ends. You start to think that you should have kept a diary or at least notes.

    And yet, the sensation is still there, vivid and intact.”