The Barcaldine Diary – Leaving Aramac

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I spent 6 weeks in Aramac so far, doing my specified work as a bartender in order to extend my Working Holiday Visa for the second year.

I can clearly remember the day when I left Aramac.

I was spending my RDO, lying on my bed and doing some writing stuff in my room, when someone knocked on my door. The bar manager stood there. It seemed she was a little bit confused, maybe exhausted.

Could you please come to the bar as soon as possible? – she said, then just turned away and left.

Something horrible happened.

It was obvious. Or maybe I did something horrible? Do you know that feeling when you are at the airport, walking through the security and hoping you didn’t pack a bomb into your bag by accident? That was how I felt.

I got into the bar through the back door and saw the other backpacker girl and she was just as confused as myself. 

Then I saw the other manager of the bar. They had never come here together. Something must have happened indeed.

One of the managers came to us and said.

We have to shut down the bar immediately. The owner is passed away.

Questions were rolling through our mind. Then the realization that it was true.

The Barcaldine Diary - Leaving Aramac 1

As I was standing there in the bar, I was looking around and saw that everybody was just as lost as me. We didn’t know what to do. We didn’t know what to expect. 

So just like some droids who can understand human emotions but can’t really feel them, we just started to close the bar. 

Sending everybody home without answering a single question. 



Washing glasses. 

And the other stuff. 

It felt all is for no reason because we knew that tomorrow wouldn’t be the same. It couldn’t be. 

To be honest, I didn’t know the owner at all. We met a couple of times but I didn’t know him. The only thing that we knew is that we had to shut down the bar. 

We didn’t have a job anymore.

The feeling when you are out there a thousand miles north of nowhere and don’t know what will happen tomorrow is paralyzing.

The Barcaldine Diary - Leaving Aramac 2

That night was strangely calm. 

We were just sitting on the veranda, gazing at the stars and having a little chat about nothing. 

It is hard to describe how I felt. I wasn’t really close to the owner but still. If I really want to explain it then I’d say: it was a kind of shitshow that can happen any time and you can’t do a thing so just pull up a chair, sit down and let it unfold. Honestly, it’s pretty accurate.

Leaving Aramac

The day after the used-to-be bar managers just appeared to let us know that we are not alone and we would have a place at theirs.


We were confused. Happy and not. Eased and not really. So many questions were in our mind, all of them came with no answer. So we just did the things that we were supposed to do. Packing, cleaning, jumping into the car and leaving everything behind.

When we arrived at the Shakespeare Hotel we were totally amazed. The gorgeous old building was just amazing. 

Even more, we had our own room, a chef cooked for us and the sunset from our balcony is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.

We were still lost a little bit and didn’t really know what to do so we just tried to help them as much as we could. 

Girls you have 3 days until Monday. Just have a holiday and enjoy the place! – she said.

We tried but uncertainty is one of the worst enemies so the only thing that was in our mind was what would happen on Monday. 

Will we have a job?

For how long can we stay at the Shakey?

And so many other questions.

Obviously, it is so much easier and more effective to overthink pretty much everything than just ask it straight away…

The Barcaldine Diary - Leaving Aramac 3

Finally, Monday arrived and we sat down to talk about the future. 

One of us can work with them and the other one can go to the Railway or the Commercial because they are both looking for someone.

We both got the chance to stay at the Shakey as long as we want.

I was the one who became the newest bartender of the Shakespeare Hotel, while my partner in crime started to work at the Railway with the sweetest woman on Earth.

Well, that’s how I ended up in Barcaldine.

If you think that it is quite enough reason to like the bar managers, it is true. 

But it was just the very beginning.

The Barcaldine Diary - Leaving Aramac pin en
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