How to be prepared for the outback experience – 88 days in Aramac

How to be prepared for the outback experience – 88 days in Aramac_pin_en

Having the real Australian outback experience is a thing that you will never forget because it is really special.

However, if you are planning to spend a couple of weeks or months there, you might end up in a need for doing something more interesting than random kangaroo watching.

In this post, I have collected a couple of things that would’ve been really useful to know before I went to the outback.

A little story time

You might know that I left Europe a couple of months ago to fulfil a dream of mine: travelling around Australia.

I applied for a working holiday visa and 2 days later when I got it, I started to plan my journey. Not much later I landed in Melbourne and as the Australian sunshine and warmth gently caressed my skin I decided: this is a place where I want to be for a little while.

So I ended up spending more than 2 months in Melbourne and collected so many amazing experiences in the meantime, not to mention the people who I got to know there.

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All of a sudden, I just got the idea that I want to stay longer in Australia. If you want to extend your WHV, you have to fulfil 88 days of work in a remote place so I started to look for a fruit or vegetable picking job.

And thanks God, I couldn’t find any… 

– who the heck wants to work on a farm? No! Who? But really! I do want to know your story and what is wrong with you! –

… but I found a hotel that was looking for an all-rounder, so 2 days later I caught the flight and landed in Aramac (technically in Barcaldine, Aramac only has a functional airport).

Disclosure: I am a girl from the city. I can’t be more of a girl from the city.

Guys! That view was just shocking. I’d never seen anything like that before.

So what I saw: nothing.

Absolutely nothing. 

A little house, let’s call it an airport and that was it.

Alright, I’m probably being a little bit too dramatic but it was quite surprising.

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The outback experience – Aramac

This tiny-tiny place is located in central Queensland. The population is around 230 people and most of them work on farms (or in the council). A school, a bowls-club, a little shop, a library, a pub and a park make the whole picture absolutely enchanting.

This is a place where the people are all really nice and everybody knows everybody.

This is a place where the kangaroos are jumping through your backyard after the sun goes down.

How to be prepared for the outback experience – 88 days in Aramac_3


But after a couple of weeks… well, not too exciting.

There are a couple of things to do around Aramac but you definitely need a car:

  • Tramway Museum – good news that you don’t need a car for this one because it is in the village.
  • Sculpture trail, Lake Dunn and Healing Circle – I will have a full post about his one soon. I highly recommend to do it because it is just so much fun! 
  • Lake Galilee – this huge salt water lake is located 100 km north-east of the town.
  • Go to Barcaldine – about 70 km of the town click on the link to get to know more.

I was supposed to work 3 months in Aramac, although I ended up being there for only 6 weeks (check the next post to find out why) and I found out that there are quite a few things that would’ve been useful to know.

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How to be prepared for the outback experience
Go for Telstra

This provider has the biggest coverage in Australia so if you want to use your phone go for Telstra. Your best option is having a prepaid SIM card that you can top up when it is over.

Bring some warm and fluffy stuff

Even if you go during the summer. The heat can be unbearable during the day but the nights can be pretty cool. It doesn’t have to be fluffy but if it is, it will caress your body and soul.

Bring your own entertainment

It can be anything pretty much: books, movies and TV shows on your laptop, card, anything. Be prepared that you might have internet and reception in general, or you might not. You don’t really know. Even if you ask it in advance and they say yes. Well, the only thing that they forgot to mention is that you have internet only if you are standing on the top of the toilet.

Travel insurance

Don’t you go anywhere without having travel insurance! I know, you think that nothing is going to happen so you can spend this money on more fun things. I wish you never ever have to use it but travel insurance is a must. I thought the same: nothing’s gonna happen but it did.

So in order to fully enjoy your journey and not worry about anything, make sure you have travel insurance.

Have a car

If you don’t want to spend money on buying a car, it is okay but you definitely need someone who has a car and is willing to provide it for you sometimes (obviously you have to pay for the fuel).

Bring things you might not think you need but you will definitely need them

Such a useful piece of advice… let me explain by telling you a quick story.

I have really sensitive skin that can be allergic even to the most natural stuff. Before Aramac I wouldn’t have thought that I would have to drive 70 km just to be able to buy a bottle of shampoo that is good for my skin. Not a big issue though but an issue. Think properly about your everyday needs because it is more than likely that you will have only one shop around you with a limited selection of products.

As I  just said at the beginning of this post, experiencing the outback is an adventure you will never forget so try to get the most out of it.

Did I miss something? Share it in the comment section below.
How to be prepared for the outback experience – 88 days in Aramac_pin_en
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