How to find a job in Australia

How to find a job in Australia en pin

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So you’ve already done all of the 6 short steps that you need to do for working in Australia legally (If you haven’t done it yet, click here and go through them).


Here are some tips on how to find a job in Australia
What not to…
  • Do not expect to find a job straight away! I’m not saying it can’t happen, I’m just saying that it can be highly competitive the competition is really high and so many backpackers are struggling with finding a job in Australia. 
  • Do not refuse the Australian government’s recommendation on having $5000 on your bank account. The big cities are expensive and you need this money to be able to support yourself.

If it is about money, hope for the best but be prepared for the worst!

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At the very beginning:
  • Be prepared you might have to move
  • Keep your phone loud… always!
  • Be flexible with your working hours and time
Have a good and relevant resume

Be really serious when creating your resume and put effort into it because you really want it to stand out.

  • Follow the Australian standard. Fewer people will consider even having a look at your resume if it is not according to the standards. According to the Government’s recommendation, you should write your resume and CV this way: 
  • Having a few different versions might take a little bit longer but you definitely need them. For example, if you go for a hospitality job, no one cares about your sewing skills or if you want to find a job on a farm, you have to prove that you are fit enough for work all day in the heat. I think you understand what I want to say with this. Write your resume for the position with relevant experience and skills.
  • Although no one ever lies in the resume if you want embellish a bit, be careful and don’t stray too far from the truth.
  • A cover letter is also important. Such as the resume it should be designed for the position you’re applying for. It doesn’t have to be too long but try to grab your future employer’s attention by highlighting your strongest and most relevant skills.
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Have your certificates

For a couple of jobs, you have to have special certificates to be able to do them. The good thing is that it doesn’t take too much time, money or energy to have them and you can do it even online. Let’s see the most popular ones:

White Card

You definitely need a White Card if you want to work in the construction industry. Compared to the following ones it is more expensive and takes more time to get it but totally worth it because this industry comes with high hourly pay. Yes, even if you are a girl. 

RSA – Responsible Service of Alcohol

If you want to work at a place where alcohol is sold, you need this certificate. It will teach you how to be responsible when you are serving alcohol (ie: not serving alcohol for minors or highly intoxicated people). You can do it online in every state in Australia, except Victoria when you need to do it in a classroom (don’t worry, it is super easy). 

RSG/RCG – Responsible Service of Gambling / Responsible Conduct of Gambling

It is compulsory if you want to work in a gambling establishment or a pub that owns Pokie or TAB. With this, you can learn how to detect gambling problems. 

Clear to work 

I did my RSA and RSG with this company so I can confidently say it is just amazing. Not only because it provides cheap courses but even more, you can find some free courses as well. So useful! Plus it allows everybody to have a referral code that means you can have more courses and certificates for free or with a discount if you refer a friend.

If you click You can use my code: GAB254718 when you sign up to get 10% off and it will help me get a free course!

Where to look for a job?
Gumtree & Seek

The biggest and most popular websites in Australia. So many companies use it to find short term workers so you have a good chance of finding a job in Australia by using these websites. Be prepared for a massive information wave because not only jobs are posted here but literally everything (ie: car, flat, puppy, etc.). 

Unfortunately, it is an amazing place for scammers as well, so might meet a hundred of fake job offers. Just don’t be naive! Scams are real things! If you have to pay for a job, it is a scam. If it is too good to be true, it is a scam. If your future employer wants to meet with you in the middle of nowhere at 11 PM, you will be kidnapped. Most of the people are really nice here but bad people are everywhere.

The best part of these sites is that you can sell yourself through these websites by creating a post about you looking for a job. It should be short and straightforward. No one will read a novel about your life so just focus on your main skills.


Try backpacker groups. There are so many groups where employers share amazing positions. Just search for the main keywords “Australia” and “job” or “work” and you will find a massive list of groups.

Using Facebook groups for job hunting is an awesome and effective way but please, pretty please, do not post a photo of yourself wearing a bikini, sending kisses and other stuff like this (there are so many of these). I know you’re a backpacker living the dream in Australia but it is job hunting. It is the same as back home. So a bathroom selfie with your friends is just not acceptable. (Depends on the position however I’m pretty sure that many property owners wouldn’t mind having an all-rounder who is working naked, but it is not really your goal, is it?)

Your hostel

It is always worth asking reception if they offer any kind of position so you can work for accommodation, food and maybe for a little bit of money.
Just walk in

The best advice I’ve ever had is to print off a couple of resumes and just walk from door to door in every bar, restaurant and cafe. Obviously, it is not really effective if you just leave your resume there. You have to sell yourself. Be confident, ask if there is a manager on duty so you can meet them. Let them feel that you were born to work there and it will be their best decision ever to hire you. 

Other websites
More about Working Holiday Visa
2nd, 3rd-year jobs

If you want to extend your visa for a 2nd or 3rd year, you have to do specified work. 88 days (3 months) for the second year and 6 months for the third-year extension. This option is amazing, not only because you can extend your stay in Australia but it is such an amazing way to save money.

Please be aware that there are two types of working holiday visa and the rules are not the same. The best way to get to know about every detail, including the list of the specified work, places and all of the conditions is to jump to Immi’s website.

Working holiday visa – subclass 417

Work and Holiday visa – subclass 462

Follow the harvest trail and find harvest jobs (fruit and vegetables picking, packing and more):

Try to get a job that is hourly paid and not piece rate (this is pay based on how many trays, buckets, you fill etc.). If you’ve never done it before you might end up getting a ridiculously low wage.

How to find a job in Australia en pin
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