Working Holiday Visa: first steps in Australia

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Finally, you are in Australia! Yaay! Congrats for that!

Now you can plan your travels and start to look for a job but before these, there are a couple of things that you need to sort out.

So let’s see the first steps in Australia
Get a TFN (tax file number)

Tax File Number allows you to to be registered with the Australian Tax Office and is needed if you want to work legally. Getting it is super easy, free and you can do it online.

  1. Go to this website:
  2. Pick this option: Foreign passport holders, permanent migrants and temporary visitors
  3. Fill out the form
  4. Be happy because you are all sorted

The website will say that it takes 28 days to get your TFN by post but if you call ATO at 13 28 61 in 1-2 weeks, you can have it through the phone. Basically, you don’t need the letter, only the number itself.

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Set up a bank account

Setting up a bank account is highly important because who wants to pay for the expensive banking fees by using the card back home?

Additionally, if you want to work in Australia, you definitely need one.

The good news is that it doesn’t take much.

You only need a passport and an address. You don’t have to worry if you don’t have an Australian address, give the hostel where you stay and that’s it. They might ask for your phone number and TFN as well but if you don’t have any yet, you can add or change them later.

The main banks in Australia are:

You can pick your card up in a week.

Tip – If you like to transfer your money use Transferwise. This is a money transfer service. They pride themselves on cheap, easy, and quick money transfers (for good reason).

Set up a superannuation account

Superannuation is money set aside during your working life for when you retire. As a visitor, you can claim this money when leaving the country. (Yaaay extra money!) 

Usually, you can have your super account with the same bank that you have your bank account but it doesn’t really matter. I opened mine at ANZ but if you Google term ‘Superannuation account’, you will find tons of places where you can do this.

When you start to work your employer starts paying a portion of your salary into a super fund for you.

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Get a phone plan

If you are staying for at least a year, you definitely need an Australian phone plan. There are a couple of operators who provide pretty good and affordable options like Optus, Vodafone, even Aldi but if you want to go to the outback you have to choose Telstra as this is the only one that works there. Your best option is having a prepaid SIM card that you can top up whenever you need to – either in a shop or over the phone.

If you do these steps, you’re all sorted and ready to work in Australia.

Working holidayv visa first steps in Australia pin en
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