How to plan a WHV Australia


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So finally, you made the decision to apply for a WHV to Australia.

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Granted? Good! Such a good feeling, right? Yes, it is truly happening, you will go to Australia for a year! Yaaay!

Take a big breath, chill out and let’s jump to the exciting part.

 How to prepare for your big one-year adventure? Some useful tips and tricks an easy start.

How to plan a WHV Australia
When do you want to go?

You have 12 months to enter the country.

I highly recommend that you set up a date as soon as possible and don’t waste your time. Just try to figure out how much time you need to get ready to go and get going. So many people ask what is the best time to go. You can consider some factors that could give you a specific time but to be fair it doesn’t matter when you go.

So the best time is now.

Where do you want to start?

I started in Melbourne and spent 2 amazing months there. That city owns a little piece of my heart and I’m pretty sure I’ll be back one day.

To be honest, it doesn’t really matter where you start as long as it is a big city like Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane. All of them are a great hub to start, making new friends, possible travel buddies, set up a bank account, TFN and get a sense of the country in general.

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Booking your flight

Well, this topic is quite important as Australia is near nothing but itself so you will have a chance to experience a long haul flight.

If you’ve never flown before there is so much fun and excitement in the very first hour and then it is just boring.

Don’t you worry, I’m not saying you should spend your money on a business class ticket but do your research and spend a little time comparing different airlines. My personal favourites are Emirates, Qatar and China Southern Airlines because the seats are comfy with enough legroom and the food is yummy but there are quite a few that are pretty good.

Finding the best flight deals can be so exhausting because there are so many searching platforms out there. Not to mention thousands and thousands of “special” deals. Leave the hard work for those websites which are operated for you to find your best deals.

Try Skyscanner or and try to be flexible with your dates. 

Curious? Check it now

Tip – using a search engine is easy and a good way to compare so many sites, but do not forget to check the main sites as well where the main resources come from.

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Shut down everything back home

Well, not really everything but spend a little time thinking about what you don’t need any more while you’re away. Believe me, you can save so much drama for yourself if you do it.

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Facebook groups

There are so many Facebook groups for people who are backpacking Australia. Use them to find friends and get some tips. My favourites are:

Planning and overplanning

Having a plan is a must but don’t be overplanned. Allow yourself to go with the flow because this time is exactly when the most amazing things happen. Have a clue obviously and do your research on the country, write a list of the things you want to see or experience but you don’t have to control everything (especially because you can’t).

So just chill out and enjoy!

Travel insurance

Don’t you go anywhere without having travel insurance! I know, you think that nothing is going to happen so you can spend this money on more fun things. I wish you never ever have to use it but travel insurance is a must. I thought the same: nothing’s gonna happen but it did.

So in order to fully enjoy your journey and not worry about anything, make sure you have travel insurance.

Check these companies:

Travel money

Sending money overseas and using ATMs in a foreign country can cost insane amounts of money. Make sure you find your best options by using the most useful solutions below. 

Transferwise: This is a money transfer service. They pride themselves on cheap, easy, with quick money transfers. 

Revolut: A mobile-based current account that allows you to hold, exchange and transfer without fees in 25 different currencies.


I would suggest not to book your accommodation for longer than a week. Why? Because if you do so it won’t allow you to go with the flow and fully enjoy your journey because you have to stay there. Give a little time for yourself to set up everything that you need and get over the jetlag but one week is more than enough. If you want to stay for longer you can easily extend it.

Stay in a hostel, not only because it is cheaper but you can make new friends easily too. If you’re heading to Melbourne try Nomads St. Kilda. If you picked Brisbane, try Nomads CBD.

If they are not for you ask for a suggestion in a Facebook group or check some reviews on an accommodation booking website. My personal favourite is This is the first website that I use when the time comes. Couchsurfing is also so much fun and such a good way to meet and live with locals. HostelWorld ensures a perfect review of each accommodation which is such a great help to choose the best.
Your phone

Unlock your phone! It takes about an hour but can save you money on a new phone or the ridiculously expensive price in Australia.


First of all: backpack or suitcase? My personal choice is backpack because it is just so easy to travel around with, although the suitcase also has its own advantage.

An important rule: Less is better! Especially, if you have to carry it on your back! I’m not good at it at all and I always end up carrying way too much stuff with me. Don’t do it! Too heavy, too big and I bet you will never ever use half of it.

So my suggestion is: put all of the stuff you want to bring onto the floor and leave half of it at home.

If you need anything, you can buy it in Australia.


Double-check that you have these with you:

  • Passport
  • Visa (printed)
  • Drivers licence / International drivers licence
  • Details of your travel insurance
  • Plane ticket (printed)
Saying goodbye

The most important part. You might see your family and friends in Australia but more than likely that you won’t. Take your time and say a proper goodbye.

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