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Oh, wow, I think I should catch up on my blog very quickly. I’ve just finished writing about my Albanian adventure, although now I am in Australia (yaaaay) and so many things happened in between, not to mention things that have happened here.

This delay is a bit awkward though but it definitely has some advantages as well. That is I have experienced more things, so I am wiser now…

Eh, alright, nope… but at least I have another perspective on life, thanks to those experiences.

To be honest I’ve already started to write this post when I was in Albania because in Durres I met a girl who had a very clever thought.

Travel is about people – she said.

And it seems so far she was right – at least for me. The biggest gift that travelling can give you is meeting new people and/or strengthen your relationship with your family or friends through sharing some awesome travelling experiences of a lifetime. And to know your very own self better.

When I decided that I didn’t want to travel for work anymore or I didn’t want to travel only a couple of weeks a year but I want to keep travelling as long as I can, it had a selfish reason – still has, at least I don’t think that Australia feels saved and blessed since I am here –


I thought the best way to know myself a little bit more and finally to figure out what I really want to do is travelling alone and being by myself all along.

But it turned out quickly that being totally alone while you are travelling is not that easy. And it is alright because most humans are social beings and like to be with others – although we like to define some criteria who can be our friend or at least the chemistry should work.

Being social while you are travelling and sharing these moments and adventures with others, even if they are strangers is an invisible power, a special bond that will connect you for a lifetime. The time that you spend with these amazing human beings will define your adventure.

So many feelings, so many stories, so many lives will meet to be a huge shared experience just for a little while that you all will remember forever. You might meet them again, you might not but after all, it doesn’t really matter because you got something that will remain with you and be a little shiny gem in the huge treasure chest of your memories.

My treasure chest already includes so many gems. You might have already met some of them because almost all of my blog posts contain at least one of these kind of memories (one of my favourite ones is the hitchhiking adventure in Theth). These are all about events when I found a new friend and we did something crazy together or just shared some funny, adventurous moments, or when I found another proof for human’s real and pure kindness or when someone helped me out. All of these memories are important for different reasons and I’m pretty sure you have so many as well.

So if you are looking for the best reason to travel (or to travel solo) this one should be one of them.

Let’s see the benefits of meeting new people.

You will learn something new

We all have that experience – maybe more – that led us to change our opinion or perspective on something. It might be a book, a song, a teacher or a relative, the reason is the same – we learned something so we were willing to widen our way of thinking. Meeting new people from another culture – locals or other people in the hostel with different nationalities – are pretty much the same way of this learning process. Or even better.

It's me in Marrakesh, Morocco learning how to make a hijab

Just think about it: those people’s background is not the same – let it be a political, family, culture or anything else.

Have you ever met a young woman who was born and raised in Vietnam or a Maasai village? Have you ever met an elderly man who lives in Barcaldine (Queensland, Australia) and never experienced another place but this?

And there are so many other examples out there. I’m pretty sure that a little chat and see how they live and what kind of priority they have will change something in you as well.

You will try something new

A new food, a new activity, a new type of transportation – well, hackery is still a thing in so many places – whatever it is, the point is to try something that you’ve never experienced before.

You’ll be kindly forced to do that because they all will do that thing around you. They will drag you out of your comfort zone. It seems pushy, even a bit rude but right after you did THAT thing you’ll be grateful for them to give you this experience that you would have never done unless you’re by yourself.

But how these people can do it to you?

Simple. You feel carfree because you are in your holiday mode so living your best days in a period. No more things that can hold you back. There and then you are just one of them leaving all of that shit behind that you faced back home. You feel free.

You will be more tolerant and more easy-going

All humans are different and it is alright. That’s why so many people can be the salt and vinegar of your travels because their behaviour will change your adventure. In the same situation, we all behave in a different way.

You might be really upset and nervous when you miss the last transport back to your accommodation but another person next to you might reflect the positive and bright side of this situation and with this, the whole thing will transfer into an adventure.

Knowing and meeting these kinds of people helps you to be more easy-going without you even noticing the change.

The story is pretty much the same with tolerance. As you are travelling the world you’ll meet so many different cultures and these experiences help you to be more tolerant. Just a simple example: Have you ever had a meal with an elderly Chinese man? They eat really really loudly. Our culture says don’t eat like that because it is not nice but for them is totally normal and acceptable.

The main street in Theth, Albania.
Emotional learning

First of all, we should clarify what emotional learning is.

„Emotional learning is the process through which people acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.”

All of us have a story.

Where we started, where we go, what we have experienced and so on. You will hear and share so many stories and some of them will be a little bit different, even shocking but all of them will help you in your emotional learning process.

Talking about it in a really simple way (really, truly simple): the more people you meet and talk to, the more chances there are to improve your empathy, social and communication skills. And why you should do that?

What are the advances of emotional learning?

  • Self-awareness,
  • self-management,
  • social awareness,
  • highly improved relationship skills,
  • and responsible decision making.

Not bad, huh?

So that’s why you should grab that backpack, pack 2 underwears and 2 pairs of socks and go to explore.


Still here? 

Good. I still have something to say.

There’s free accommodation everywhere!


Alright, I’m just kidding, you should wait for an invitation before you pop up in front of their door but it definitely has the benefit when you know a local in a foreign country.

You should follow this back home

Having the holiday mode most of the people are more open-minded and more easy-going and saying yes easily for a new adventure.

But surrounded by the safe feeling of home we do not bother to interact with each other. The daily problems and to-dos are all coming back, the holiday mode just disappears and we do not have the intention to meet new people.

And it is sad!

I do not want to say hello to pretty much anybody while sitting on the bus and going to work but we should notice what’s going on around us. Just remember those local people from your holidays who were ready to help you because they noticed you. Be this local in your home.

What is your favourite memory when you met someone on your travel? Share the story and inspire others to travel more!

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