Abarad, a new mobile application for travellers

Abarad, a new mobile application for travellers_2

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to test a brand new mobile application, which has been developed by a Hungarian couple for travellers.

Before we move to the cool stuff, let me tell you their fairy tale.

I really love how badass they are, and their story is hilarious.

Once they had an inspiring thought – no worries, better than the ones I usually have 😉 – and decided to challenge themselves and their little Suzuki on the Bamako Rally.

Really, just imagine this lovely couple and a little car amongst the other hyper-super cars and experienced drivers on the rally.

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The story behind the Abarad Mobile Application

They used only their cellphones for navigation somehow they transformed all the given coordinates to a special form, which can be used by any smartphones. That’s how they reached all the checking points without any problem, what is more, they also visited some hidden places where they gave some presents and toys to children who live in the poorer regions of the countries.

While they were fulfilling their missions, they found a lot of interesting places and also recorded them on their own map.

Since they published their map online, it has been downloaded and rated more than 2500 times on only 1,5 day by people who were looking for amazing, hidden places and unique adventures during their travel.

That was the motivation for creating this application.

Let’s test the Abarad Mobile Application

I created a little challenge for this application when I tried it the very first time.

I showed a Brazilian friend around Budapest and I was curious whether this application could show us something new that I hadn’t known – I’m from Budapest, love this city and know it pretty well -.

And it could!

We ended up visiting a lot of wonderful places including the compulsory sights and some less known, but magical spots.

The best feature of this application – in my opinion – that we could get to know more about places like some useful information, fun facts or its history.

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Abarad Mobile Application is not only a map

It can give you the real travelling experience while you will have the opportunity to find beautiful places and special things to do. By using this application you have the possibility to learn more about a site and what it has to offers, its services, things to do nearby, even if you are offline.

The Abarad application is not only edited and built by the owners but travellers too. There is a community around it and if you want to join us, just download the application and start to use it.

It is free to download, and also totally free to use, without any hidden costs.

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How to use the Abarad Mobile Application

Thanks to a woolly adventurer Shaun, the Sheep and his owner, a non-official shepherd Shaun for contributing to the English version of this video by borrowing his voice. 

Join #shaunandshaun to their amazing adventure by following them on Instagram @shaunthesheepstarbuck by clicking the cutie down below,

or bring their travel stories home by having their photo book in print by clicking here.

Now the application is available offline in 3 countries:

  • Austria,
  • Germany
  • and Hungary.

But we don’t have to wait for too long before we can find another 25 countries as an offline guide.

When you are online you can use it all around the World.

Download this application:
Abarad, a new mobile application for travellers_1
For entrepreneurs and businesses

The Abarad application offers a great possibility for entrepreneurs and businesses to show themselves and their products and services to users by popping up on the map. For more information please contact:

For English speakers: hello@thefeelingremains.com

For German or Hungarian speakers: admin@abarad.de

Website: https://abarad.eu/main/

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