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To be honest, Durmitor National Park Zabljak is my favourite place in Montenegro so far and if you like hiking, and being in nature, I’m pretty sure that it will be yours as well. It is just so relaxed and the presence of nature is unique. It’s a bit more expensive than being on the coast, but it is worth every single penny.

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How to get to Durmitor National Park Zabljak

Zabljak is a place that can reach from Montenegro main cities, such as Podgorica, Kotor, or Niksic.

Additionally, the bus ride is pretty joyful and while you are driving through breathtaking places and it is long enough for some daydreaming moments and having rest a bit.

If you need more adventure, then try hitchhiking, which is pretty easy everywhere in Montenegro. And yes, it is safe. Don’t do silly things, listen to your guts and voila, you are safe.

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Where to stay in Durmitor National Park Zabljak

There is only one hostel in Zabljak, called Hostel Hikers Den, but they were fully booked when I was there, so I picked another option which has recommended by the lovely German girl, who I met in Kotor then travelled with for a while along the coast.

Kety’s house was so beautiful and welcoming and Kety, the owner is one of the cutest businesswomen who I’ve ever seen.

My guesthouse was pretty near the main bus station, like a five-minute walk and this time I could find it easily – thanks maps.me – what is more I could help a girl to find hers – many thanks again-.

For more options, please check Booking.com:

What to do in Durmitor National Park Zabljak
In the city centre 

My very first day was spent with work, but I managed to spend a couple of hours at night to discover the city.

The centre is very small, but there is everything that you need, even a big supermarket and some shops where you can buy some hiking stuff and there is a quite wide range of cafes and restaurants as well.

Black Lake

The next day I headed to visit the Black Lake at Durmitor National park. It is pretty easy to get there because there is only one main street in Zabljak, so follow that and you can’t miss it.

You have to pay a small amount of money for a fee (3 Eur/day) before you get to the entrance, but the money goes to a good place, the park is so clean with well-marked tourist routes and some awesome campfire spots.

After a 4km walk on a pretty easy route, I saw the Black Lake.

Simply stunning and when it’s raining, the blue and green colours of the Black Lake turns into a deep black.

Such a magical and inspiring place.

I wrote my very first blog post of the Travel for recovering series here, while I was watching the cute ducklings and hearing the happy laughter of children running around the lake. 

On the other side of the lake, you can find boat rentals, it costs about 8 euros per hour to rent a boat.

The National Park is very well marked and you have more option to take a nice tour around.

Beside the Black Lake, there are 2 more lakes and if you visit all of them, it will take a whole day. This route is pretty easy so if you are not an experienced hiker or only wish to have a relaxed day, pick this one.

Bobotov Kuk, Savin Kuk & the other 48 peaks

Yeap, it’s not a slip of my pen. There are about 50 peaks in the region, so depending on your hiking experience, everybody can find the best that fits their physical conditions.

If you want to know how not to hike, please read my previous post about it by clicking here.

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Bobotov Kuk

The most famous tourist attraction is the Bobotov Kuk mountain, which is the highest in the region.

There are two hiking routes to the peak, a long and a short one, or you can combine the two. The long one starts and ends at Durmitor National Park Zabljak, near the Black Lake, that means 12-14 hours in total with some breaks if you already have some hiking experience.

The short one is from Sedlo to Sedlo, which is about 15 km far from Zabljak’s centre.  If you don’t have a car, the easiest way to get there is hitchhiking or grabbing a taxi that will cost you about 8-10 euros, and the guys at the Hiker’s Den also organize direct shuttles for about 3-5 euros. This route takes 6-8 hours.

If you combine them, you should start from Sedlo and arrive at Durmitor National Park Zabljak.

Savin Kuk

This is an easy hike to get to Savin Kuk peak, a lovely walk in a well-marked route. If you go there during the winter time, Savin Kuk is actually a ski resort.

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For those who want a little bit greater challenge – and also for those who are as clumsy as I am and are unable to follow any well-marked route – hike the Meded.

It is a quite difficult route for experienced hikers – yeah, I know, you once saw a mountain on a picture, but you are not an experienced hiker 😉 It is not that bad though, but better to take it seriously.

But let me proof it: The Girl on the peak

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Tara River Canyon and Bridge

Europe’s deepest canyon, that offers an amazing view in every season.

If you don’t have a car, you can get a taxi, or walk to the main bus station, take a bus anywhere (pretty much) and ask the bus driver to let you get off at the Canyon – it is better to discuss it before you start the ride. If you chose the latter option, you can hitchhike on the way back.

Although I’ve never tried rafting there, several of my friends told me that this one is not the fastest or the most adventurous rafting that they’ve ever tried, it’s more like a kind of boat trip.  

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Do not forget to pack
  • Regardless of the season, be prepared with some extra layers, because the nights are pretty chilly there.
  • Do not forget to pack some bug killer spray either. Seriously! Do not forget.
  • A pair of hiking shoes, which is almost more important than the bug spray. Almost.
  • An offline map like Maps.me or Abarad. Always have one when you go hiking. Such a useful thing and more reliable than your inner compass.
For more fun in Durmitor National Park Zabljak
Get Your Guide
A memorable experience

Okay, so the following story has nothing to do with Durmitor National Park Zabljak, but it just happened there and it was a pretty interesting experience so I thought I would share it with you.

On a chilly night, I was sitting out there in front of the guesthouse for the reason of star watching, while a lovely Catalan couple and another guy joined me. Once the Catalan man looked for napkins, and because I had some I told him that he would find it on the table in the kitchen. Then the Catalan woman looked at me and asked: ‘Do you speak Catalan?’

Well, I don’t and really didn’t understand the reason for her question until she told me that this little part of the conversation about the napkin was in Catalanes. Although I answered in English, it is still very interesting that I was able to understand them.

The woman is a psychologist and she told me that the body language is 60-70% of a conversation, even if you want some general stuff like a couple of napkins.

So be careful what your body shows to your audience. 😉

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    1. Oh it has so many! My next destination in Montenegro will be Kolasin and a beautiful canon there 🙂

  1. Montenegro is at the top of my Europe list! I thought it was all about the beaches, but I’ll definitely be hiking Durmitor National Park after reading this. So pretty!

  2. What a beautiful place I never heard of! Hope to get there some day.
    Loved your story about the napkin and the Catalan-English conversation. I think body language is one thing, but it is also true that those of use who speak more than one language, tend to understand many more. I have lots of similar stories.
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful location; you got it on my “to visit some day” list.

    1. Thank you for your comment! I think you’re right, I have some other stories like this as well. Whatsoever it is always great to understand someone even if you are not speaking the same language. 🙂

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