Bar Montenegro and a random emotional outburst

Bar Montenegro

Because we had an amazing time together with the lovely German girl, who I met in Kotor, we decided to travel together for a little while.

So I followed her to Bar a day after she left Kotor.

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How not to walk around Bar Montenegro

Let me share with you a quite awkward – but surprisingly a very common – problem that I faced there.

Our first mission in Bar was to find a pet shop that was actually open on Sunday or a pharmacy where someone speaks German, Hungarian (haha, no chance) or English at least.

And guess why.

Because my whole body was itching.

I love animals so so much and don’t care about anything when I see one, I feel a very strong need to pet them, but right then. 

I did the same in Kotor, there were so many of them – have I already mentioned, there is a cat museum in Kotor? – One of the cuties presented me with some of its friends.

I got fleas!

So awkward, but what was even worse: so itchy!

So I needed something that can help and ease that crazy feeling. Finally, after we had visited all of the pharmacies in that beautiful city, we asked to use the computer in the last one and Google translator helped us and I ended up with a huge white bottle in my hand and an instruction: take a shower with this (my skin burned like hell, I didn’t think I could keep it all on my body, but at least I managed to get rid of those).

After I washed all of my stuff I and my clothes were finally clean and safe.

If you ever need the list of the pharmacies in Bar for some reason, just message me.

I know all of them.

Thanks to this issue we had the opportunity to get around, and Bar is beautiful – here come some pictures to prove it -,

but not too many things to do or see, so if I may suggest, go to the main bus station and catch a bus to Stari Bar.

It is stunning!

Really it is and not only affordable but cheap.

A day is enough to get around and check all of the amazing sights like these.

Where to stay in Bar Montenegro

During the 3 days we spent there we stayed in guesthouses, because we really wanted some private chatting time, so the only hostel in Bar, called Namaste wouldn’t have been the best choice, although it is amazing – my friend stayed there while she was waiting for me – and if you want to do something great, they work with volunteers (check Workaway’s website).

And I almost forgot, when I asked recommendations from a friend before I would be off Montenegro, I got this message:

Yeah, so really I just want to tell you, Guys that drop everything, go to Stari Bar and stay at the Grove.

Visiting Ulcinj was a little disappointing for both of us, but I’m sure we weren’t in the right place.

There is a direct bus from Bar to Ulcinj, but we found a more entertaining way with a bus with open doors, a beautiful view of the middle of nowhere, and a weird hitchhiking experience when a seventy-something years old man helped us to get Ulcinj and let us off at the very beginning of the tourist area.

Eh well, if you go to Ulcinj go there: the old town and there are some rumours about a beautiful and huge beach nearby where there is no one.

Please try not to follow our path to the little and crowded beach and a not exactly nice, but stuffed and very long tourist street.

So if you leave the bus station (it is behind your back) turn right and do not turn left!

After this day we visited our favourite place on the beach to have an ice-coffee.

I found another dog who looked for a shelter while he was trying to escape from children, so he ended up laying on my lap.

Then guess what! I noticed a ton of little black bugs chilling out on him – this time I didn’t get them, yaaaay – but he wasn’t a stray dog! Why didn’t his owners take care of him?!

Saying goodbye is always hard and I think this is the worst part of solo travelling, especially if you meet someone special.

I’m sure we’ll meet very soon and we have been still keeping in touch since she had to go back to Germany.

About the train – it is cheaper than the bus and cleaner, try the train in Montenegro if you can.

The ticket price from Bar to Podgorica is only 1,80 Euro.

Do you know how far you can get by train in Hungary for 1,80?

To the neighbouring city!

It’s insane! 

So as we were waiting for the train we both felt it was not the moment we have to say goodbye. Only for a while.

So sorry that this post does not contain too many useful tips or such, but we both used our time there to do nothing, just relax. But if you would like to go there and need some info, just message me or let me know in the comment section below.

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Random emotional outburst

I asked you on Instagram what you’d like to read on the blog: itineraries or more personal stories. Most of you vote for the latter and I’m so happy you did and thank you so much for letting me tell you about these things. 

If I publish a new post here or Instagram (which is more often updated than the blog, but I’m trying to catch up with this one too) I am always so surprised because I get so many messages from you – and most of them are not about how I can afford to travel that much, but real and caring messages.

This feeling is incredible!

Since I started my blog, my life has changed and I have been able to meet and connect with truly amazing fellow bloggers, travellers and others and it really means a lot to me.

Really a lot.

Thank you so much for having me!

See you in the next post. Take care!

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