Fun times in Perast and Kotor Montenegro

Kotor Montenegro 1

After several bus changes and driving through a few countries, finally, I arrived in Kotor Montenegro.

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I smelled – yeah, it is an information that I definitely want to share with you – and the only thing I really wanted was a cup of coffee (and a shower).

According to the map, the Pupa Hostel is pretty near the main bus station.

Actually, it is a five-minute walk if you head off in the right direction, but it was me, so it took a little bit longer.

I could hardly believe how clean that hostel was. I mean it was really, truly clean. I’ve seen hotels, apartments and guesthouses that weren’t that unstained. And it is placed in an amazing location at the bay.

Pupa Hostel – Kotor, Montenegro

Kotor Montenegro 2

Such a perfect place for chilling out, if you don’t want to do a thing in Kotor, but while sitting on the bay is alone a huge experience, thanks to the impressive view but if you are there, take a walk in the Old Town.

It is packed with cafes and restaurants in different price categories, souvenirs and many many cats.

And a cat museum! I didn’t get in, but if anyone has, please message me about how it was.

Kotor Montenegro 3

The Old Town is so stunning and with its old buildings and enchanted, narrow streets it reminded me of a Disney movie – similar to Venice, Italy, but with fewer people – and it is not too big so you can go back gazing the Kotor bay after a couple of hours.

Kotor Montenegro 4

There are two little markets located in Kotor Old Town too, but there is another one near the main bus station, which is cheaper, bigger and open until midnight.

You can get to the Old Town’s wall two ways: a free and amazing one behind the town and another one for 8 euros, with so many stairs – I’m sure it is amazing too, but I found a better place for my 8 euros, so don’t really know.

Kotor Montenegro 5

Now let me lead you to an insane place where you may find the best view of Kotor and its bay.

Kotor Montenegro 9

On a beautiful morning, I headed to find the “secret” route (only a few million people know about it, including every hostel people – ask them please, how to get there) up to the mountain.

Once when you are halfway up, you’ll find a concrete block, that looks like one you shouldn’t step on, but just do it, sit there and just admire the view.

Try not to think.

Just sit and breathe. 

Kotor Montenegro 6

But before you have reached this special place, you will find a ‘cafe’ (it looks like a place that actually belongs to the ruins but it is a cafe), go in and ask for a pomegranate juice.

My visit due to my clumsiness and inattention…

Before I was off hiking I hadn’t checked what kind of things there were in my bag. I saw two bottles, I thought there was water in them, and a bag of some snacks also made some noise at the bottom of my bag so I assumed I had water and some food.

Em, yeah, so the truth was: one of the bottles was totally empty, while the other one contained a sip of water, and the snack was actually some snack once before it became a crumb.

(Well done, great job – sometimes I just really cannot understand how I am able to survive, even in an urban area.)

Hence I followed the very first sign that said ‘Water‘. As I entered, an almost empty place welcomed me with an amazing view of the bay.

Only an elderly man and two younger ones were sitting there and before I could sit down at another table, one of them said:

‘Join us’.

The elder one was the owner of the place, the other two people were from Slovenia and as we were talking about nothing and everything, I just realized: everyone has their own baggage which is filled with heavy things for the soul.

One of them walked 250 km in two days because he felt he had to, the other one got divorced and was missing his child badly so he travels to try to fill the void.
Once he looked at me and said:

‘It will never disappear, but will be easier with time.’

Then they hugged me and left so I continued my way too.

Kotor Montenegro 10

Here you have two ways, one in the direction to the castle and another one up to the mountain.

That time I felt I had to go up, meet and talk with no one and be alone, but once Ken – yes, Barbie’s Ken – ran by me, then stopped, turned back and allowed me to notice his luminous blue eyes, blond hair and perfect body – he wore only a short, that was actually shorter than mine –. It made me laugh. How can anyone be that perfect? Nonsense. Really like Ken.

After a bit of chatting, he continued his way up with my pink towel on his head that I gave him to protect himself against the sun.

I can be really kind if I want to, it is pretty nice to know.

Kotor Montenegro 8

By walking up I saw some cute goats on the road and finally, I arrived, but I didn’t feel somehow that I should turn back and all of a sudden a tourist sign offered me more possibility to continue my way.

One of them was Jezerski vrh.

Whatever it was, it seemed a very appealing hiking trail and it was 9 km more, which is enough time to be alone.

I really don’t want to lie to you Guys, it was really difficult for me and my loungs were screaming when I finally reached the peak.

Kotor Montenegro 11

If you take this path too (you should, it was amazing, anyway), please be careful of the many little rocks, especially if you are heading down, they are very slippery and the path is very narrow.

But the view was simply stunning, what is more, I found a zip line that went through above the valley (don’t tell my mom please, she’d be horrified by the thought).

Kotor Montenegro 12

A coke was all my wish after that day (and a shower – again – sweet, sweet, sweaty days), so with one bottle in my hand, I sat down in front of the hostel.

Once I heard a kind voice speaking to me. The voice came from behind my back and belonged to a handsome American face. He reminded me of my best friend in his appearance and habit as well, and I guess that was the reason why I felt very comfortable around him.

(No, please don’t get me wrong: only as a friend, but still.)

And I’m so thankful to him, and here is why: By the passing of the night, some other people joined us and also a lovely girl from Germany.

We were instantly on the same wavelength, so when she asked me whether I would like to join her to visit Perast, it wasn’t a question even if I had to skip working that day – I thought it would wait for me when I would be back.

And if my Handsome American hadn’t accosted me, probably I wouldn’t have ever met this lovely girl.

She was just like me with the same craziness, frustrations and questions of life.

And she was such a perfect partner in crime!

The Blue Line bus – that will take you pretty much everywhere, like Perast, Herceg Novi or Budva for a ridiculously cheap price – picked us up at the market in front of the Old Town and half hour later we got off at Perast.

Perast is dope and Our Lady of the Rock is the most beautiful part of it especially in the sunset.

But I should let the photos deliver the beauty of the place instead of my own words, so here they are.

Kotor Montenegro 14
Kotor Montenegro 15
Kotor Montenegro 16

Not bad, right?

  • So go to Kotor,
  • stay here (it is an affiliate link, but hey, I have to feed on something – thanks for your support 😉 ),
  • take the Blue Line bus for a euro
  • and go to Perast. 

And about the day: we just talked.

We talked about everything let it be an important part of our lives or just a trivial thing.

We felt so comfortable, and what surprised me the most: I could be me.

Then and there I wasn’t the girl who I should have been.

I wasn’t the girl who I felt I have to be.

I really was me.

And I could keep this feeling while I was among our little just-founded team that consisted of a very few people, but then and there I felt like a part of this top crew and throwing back to those moments I’m so happy that they were around me because they made me feel what I almost forget:

I’m not lonely even if I’m alone and that girl whom I missed so much is still there and I still have her.

So summarizing the things above:
  • Hike the ‘hidden trail’ behind the Old Town
  • Drink a pomegranate juice at the cafe halfway up
  • Get to Perast by Blue Line bus, it costs 1,5 Eur
  • The cheapest shop is here, open until midnight
  • The cheapest (and the best) restaurant is behind Pupa hostel, oppositely the cheapest shop
If you have more time, here are some awesome trips:
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See you in the next post about Bar, Montenegro 😉

Take care Lovelies

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  1. Wow, this looks to be a really lovely place. The hiking trail looks treacherous especially with those granite rocks. But I bet it is all worthy.

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