Jeep Safari in La Gomera – a Canary Island without mass tourism

Jeep Safari in La Gomera Canary Island cover

There are a lot of advantages of La Gomera, which is one of the Canary Islands. This little island is probably the greenest of the island group, covered by wonderful vegetation, including divers fruits, aloe vera, palm trees and pines. Locals are so kind and if you are a nature lover or obsessed with amazing views, this little patch of volcanic land is a must on your travel bucket list.

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Jeep Safari on La Gomera

During my time in Tenerife, Canary Islands, I took the opportunity to go on a Jeep Safari tour in La Gomera, that is only 50 km’s far from Tenerife.

A little bit pricey it may be, but I highly recommend you to have this unique experience, especially if you are another Canary Island and would like to hop over to La Gomera no longer than a day. This is the best way of getting around the island and it is so much fun!

Jeep Safari in La Gomera Canary Island 3

Our driver, Marco had a quite crazy driving style, but it was mainly for our entertainment and he knew exactly what he was doing.

The whole team was so funny and kind, and they shared amazing stories about the past of La Gomera, the locals, and gave us some useful tips on getting around the capital.

How to get to La Gomera?

We used the ferry to get to La Gomera and it took only 40 minutes (ticket prices are included in the tour), but the island also has an airport if you plan to spend a few days there.

Jeep Safari Tour

Our first stop was at Ermita de San Huan on the top of the Island, where a stunning chapel was waiting for us.

And this view:

Jeep Safari in La Gomera Canary Island 5

If I posted it on Instagram, I would definitely use #nowordsneeded. Photos can barely deliver the beauty that welcomed us around the whole island. The view of green valleys and awe-inspiring rock formations were absolutely enthralling.

Jeep Safari in La Gomera Canary Island 1

My vocabulary is almost out of praising words and I should keep some for later because it is just the very beginning of the tour and oh, my gosh, how much more beauty is coming —- so let’s jump.

Aloe vera and banana plantations

Our next stop was at an aloe vera plantation in the valley with more than 1000 plants. It was amazing to realize how vegetation can change along the way from the top to the valley, while we were going through some tiny villages.

Local people knew our drivers very well and they get along with tourists so we got some kind words – in Spanish – everywhere we went.

Jeep Safari in La Gomera Canary Island 6

After a short, but very detailed and interesting presentation about aloe vera – and the inevitable shopping experience – our team headed to a banana plantation, where a very frightening head welcomed us warmly for some reason which I didn’t find out.

Maybe a scarecrow?!

Half an hour later, with a serious number of photos and the recently obtained, deep knowledge about banana, we were ready to have our lunch.

Jeep Safari in La Gomera Canary Island 7

Passing next to the famous Playa (beach) La Caleta we had the opportunity to admire the black sanded beach before we went back to the land of lush greenery.

We took a quick look at La Gomera’ reservoir with a few duck family swimming in the water, and then arrived at the restaurant and guess what we could see: an amazing landscape.

Cannot get enough of it!

Jeep Safari in La Gomera Canary Island 8
Their unique whistling language

If you are on the Canary Islands, do not miss to try watercress soup.

It’s a… well, I would say – after I tried it once and never ever want it again – it is a unique culinary experience.

After lunch, we became part of a performance, where we could hear the locals’ unique language, which is called whistled speech. It is an ancient way of communicating across deep ravines which can be heard from 3 km away. It is still used, what is more, it is a subject at local schools.

Garajonay National Park

“Vamanos!” – shouted our driver and as we got into the car with a full stomach, we were on our way again, that time to a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Garajonay National Park.

The 4000-hectare laurisilva rainforest allowed us to rest in the shadow and explore this wonderful park.

Jeep Safari in La Gomera Canary Island 9

There is a beautiful story connected to this site about an unfulfilled love between Princess Gara (La Gomera) and Prince Jonay (Tenerife). After their families didn’t allow them to be together, they decided to climb the highest mountain of La Gomera and die together. Two wooden donkeys symbolize their tragedy that is placed in the park.

Stunning photo spots

On the way back to the capital, we stopped at two photo places, where we could find a spectacular view of the valley of Hermigua and could admire the landscape of the capital city, San Sebastián from the top.

Jeep Safari in La Gomera Canary Island 10
The capital of La Gomera Island, San Sebastián

We had a little bit more than an hour which is not really enough to see and do too many things, but we could find the La Iglesia de la Asunción de San Sebastián de La Gomera, which is a little, impressive temple; the Torre del Conde watch-tower that was built by the advice of Christopher Columbus; and finally we tasted hand-made ice cream made from local fruits, while we were walking back to the dock.

Why should you stay more than only a day?

For hiking and enjoying nature! La Gomera has more than 650 km of hiking trails that include routes across mysterious rainforests, rocky mountains, black-sanded beaches, valleys covered by palm trees and banana plantations and lovely villages. There are a lot of different ways and tours to get around the island.


If you decide on longer stays, it is useful to know, that there are only a few hotels on the Spanish Island (there is no hostel at all), but you can find a lot of possibilities to stay at an apartment or a room in a guest house.

Definitely check Airbnb if you’d like to book a room in La Gomera. If you use my link, you can get 33 EUR off from your first stay.

18 thoughts on “Jeep Safari in La Gomera – a Canary Island without mass tourism

  1. Looks so much fun! Definitely a trip to remember – your driver sounds alot of fun (even if a little crazy!)

  2. Those mountain views are incredible! The forest and ocean shots reminded me of my husband’s Hawaii photos. I’ve never heard of a whistling language before, but it sounds like a genius way to communicate in the mountains.

    1. Yes, it was amazing to hear it. Its basic is Spanish though, but they can transform it into any languages, which is incredible.

  3. I hope to visit La Gomera soon – Canary islands in general don’t have the best of reputation but La Gomera really does look like a great destination. I just wish they had direct flights from Finland!!

    1. Yeah, this little island is really a different world! I can recommend it, because the nature is amazing, locals are so friendly and welcoming, and the place is not crowded at all.

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