My love story

A lot of beautiful love stories have been published for the last few weeks that written and lived through by amazing females who met with the One on the road.

I think this will be my turn so here is my love story that started more than 10 years ago and I’m still into it with the whole of my body and soul. It is still vivid and it can renew and burn with fire every single time when we need a new impulse.

I’m in love with being in love.

What does love mean? How do you know when you are in love? It can manifest itself in a thousand of various ways. It can be the feeling which comes all over you when you experience a new thing or meet someone very special. The feeling when you realize what you feel for another person is more than a simple friendship. The feeling when you pass through a country and you soak up all its beauty and culture.

True love is not always all fancy and beautiful, in fact, it can be really hard and hurtful sometimes. But love is still one of the strongest and most powerful needs of people, no matter where they come from.

Admit it or not, we all wish to be in love and aspire to love someone.

To be really honest I do not have a love story as a female traveller but some of you asked about my story so this is what I’ve decided: I will share my only one.

When I was 13 years old I met a guy at a bus stop. He was a rocker with long hair and a guitar on his back. He was the coolest guy I’d ever seen, but I was too young, so he didn’t care about me.

A few years later we met again at the bus stop and one day after my 15th birthday, we became a couple. Our relationship was so innocent and kind at first and then as we were growing up it transformed into an adult kind of relationship.

It was as perfect as a fairy tale. We bought a pet, then a house with a beautiful garden and a gate where the roses ran through. We had such an amazing life.

But 9 years after we became a couple, we suddenly broke up. There wasn’t any plate crushing, not even a loud word. We just sat down around at our dining table, made a coffee and started to discuss our lives and future plans. And it wasn’t the same at all or not even similar. There was a huge gap between the two stories, so we just broke up. It was the most adult decision of our lives.

Now, he is my best friend and I still really love him.

Because of the fact that I’m in love with love, I have always fallen in love with pretty much everything and everyone with a speed of a meteor and started to act like a teenage girl and do silly things.

But I always feel deep inside of me that it’s not true love, or more precisely it’s not loving someone, it is only a feeling that I miss. I miss it so much though, but now I’m happy where I am with the feeling of falling in love with new countries and I know true love will crush me when the time comes.

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