Don’t close your heart to the possibility of love

“Last year in September I moved to Melbourne on a whim. I’d had a recent break up and I told myself I didn’t want to get in a relationship again because I had so many goals I wanted to achieve and I thought a guy would just be a distraction.

I had made the decision that I would stay single for at least three years.

Because I am a language nerd, one of the goals was to improve my language abilities. I started going to a language exchange evening every week to practice my Portuguese. One time I met some Brazilian guys there and started texting one of them.

We texted intermittently for about four weeks before we finally decided to meet up. I honestly thought he just seemed like a nice person and we might become friends. Not long into our first meeting, there was a really obvious chemistry between us and

I realized there was no way we would be just friends.

The only problem was I had decided to go back to Auckland to continue my studies. I only had 6 weeks left in Melbourne. We hung out almost every day, trying to ignore our impending separation.

When there were only two weeks left, he asked me, ‘how would you feel if I move to New Zealand?’. My heart skipped a beat. I was amazed that he was willing to take such a big step for me so soon after meeting me.

A week before I left he asked me to marry him and I said yes.

I went back home and he started taking steps to make the move across the ditch. We spent nearly five months apart, only visiting each other once every few weeks. Now, more than six months after that first date, we have closed the distance for good. He is officially moving to New Zealand as of next week, and we will marry in Brazil in early 2020.

It’s crazy how life messes with your plans.

I didn’t think any guy would help me achieve my goals, but I found one who wants the same things as me and supports my ideas. I thought I would be single for three years, but now I’m going to be married in less than two!

My advice to girls out there is:

don’t close your heart to the possibility of love.

Having goals and ambitions is awesome, but a true partner wouldn’t impede you from achieving them. At the end of the day, you don’t really get to decide when The One is going to walk into your life!”

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