We made it work

” In the fall of 2015, I was working in Colombo, Sri Lanka. I didn’t know anyone except the one girl I was working with so I decided to go to some events by myself to try to meet people and make friends.

My husband, who is from Sri Lanka, happened to be here at the time visiting his family. He was living in Kuala Lumper then. We met at a party and started hanging out. It was great, but I knew that I only would be in Sri Lanka for a few months because of my job so I tried to keep it casual. I didn’t want to get into a serious relationship if we were both planning on leaving the country soon!

As the next few months went on, my job got really sour and he decided he wasn’t going back to KL. After just being together for four months, we both packed our bags, left everything behind and moved to Cambodia! Even though our relationship was still fresh, we moved in together and spent a year there just figuring out how to make our relationship work.

As a US passport holder and a Sri Lankan passport holder, we were limited on our options, especially adding work into the factor, as we are both self-employed. But we made it work! I was teaching English and he was teaching music.


We travelled a lot, got to know each other more and knew this was meant to be. After a year based in Cambodia, we moved our base to Bali, where we stayed for another year. Because we had been traveling pretty consistently for over two years,

we relocated back to Sri Lanka earlier this year, got married!

and decided just to stay in South Asia for a while to regroup and take a break from the hustle and bustle. We live in Colombo with our SIX cats and plan to move our base to Berlin in 2020!

Without travel, we would have never crossed paths!”

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