Why do you need an ultimate bucket list and how should you write it?

Giving up your job for travelling? Learning a new language? Or even a new profession? Visiting Zante? Learning to wink? It doesn’t matter what kind of items there are on your bucket list, the best time to fulfil them is right now, let these things on your backyard, on the other side of the world or both. Here I make some suggestions on how to create your ultimate bucket list and how to fulfil each item on budget.

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Why do you need an ultimate bucket list?

In case, you don’t know what the hack a bucket list is, it is a list that you load with the things you want to do, see or experience before you kick the bucket.

You can write pretty much any kind of bucket list you wish. It can be about life goals, travel goals, family goals, sexperiences, spiritual things, career and more. I think it’s not a surprise that mine is related to travel mainly, but I also added some items that can help me break my “being social” boundaries.

But why is it so important to have one?

(At least in my opinion)

  1. You can’t achieve anything without a plan and what can be a bigger plan of yours than sailing through your dreams and living your life in the most meaningful way?
  2. Trying as many things as you can help you to figure out what you really want to do in your life and what kind of goals you should create.
  3. It forces you (in a gentle way) to leave your comfort zone and to take risks for an even bigger reward.
  4. It helps you to know more about yourself.
  5. Setting up goals help you to keep your excitement in your life and motivate you.
  6. Trying to reach your goals improves your creativity and teaches you to fight for your important things in your life.
  7. An exciting, meaningful, and accomplished life makes you become an amazing grandparent, whose grandchildren will be glad to visit and hear your stories happily.

Rules of the bucket list game

I read a well-written post about creating a bucket list, there is only one part in it that I do not agree with… at all.

It’s about the rules of the bucket list and she wrote that you can’t remove any items and you should set up a specific duration to be carried out and some other similar things.

Hell no, please don’t! There are no rules!

I mean, in my opinion, a kickass bucket list must be about your dreams, your wishes, your plans, so it must be about you and for you and it’s not a damned race with time and others – especially others.

Although it is important to push yourself to fulfil it BUT do it gently and you shouldn’t get stressed about it.

It’s about having fun, wondering and wandering.

And if you have changed your mind about an item, because you have decided you don’t want to see something or do it, it’s still ok. You don’t have to stick to your bucket list with all of your nails and teeth. It’s not a thing that you should follow at any price if it doesn’t make you happy anymore. It’s a thing that helps you to find the right path of yours.

If you don’t want to see a very popular place that it is on everyone else’s list, it is ok too. Also, stop to avoid putting items on your list which you are ashamed of because other people may laugh at your ‘not too challenging’ bucket list. At first be proud of your life and your goals and keep in mind that no one will laugh at you about anything.

Let me tell you an ‘awkward’ thing: Couchsurfing and sleeping in a dorm room are on my bucket list. I know they are “normal” activities for thousands and thousands of people, but I’m introvert and shy because of a bunch of silly things, so it’s a pretty hard challenge for me, but I’d like to broaden my horizon and really want to experience it, hence I put them on the list.

Don’t worry about anything! Money is not an issue when you’re writing your bucket list. It is part of the game to figure out how you can achieve it, no matter how much it costs. It’ll keep your excitement and creativity.

And no worries about time either because life is too short to be worried about anything. If you are on your deathbed, you’ll remember things that you did or experienced and not the things that you didn’t do and missed out. Stay positive! The bucket list is for getting out the most out of your life, not for reminding yourself of your mortality.

End of the long-winded, slightly frightening way of saying.

How you should put it all together 5 easy steps

  • Find a place where you can keep your ideas

There are bunches of ways where you can store your objectives. If you are the same as I am and you swear for the old school solutions, just simply grab a piece of paper and a pen and write them down. I’m obsessed with the feeling when I can tick an item on my red paper (because of the blog, I also keep my ideas online here). Another way is to keep and follow them online. There are some websites and mobile applications where you can do this free of charge.

Do not miss this step! It is easier to ignore your goals if you don’t remind yourself from time to time and if you don’t see it on a list – and you may also forget them.

  • Keep being inspired

So you have already decided how you can record your wishes, but it is also important to stay inspired and expand your list. Trust me, there are a lot of things you have never heard about.

Use Google, use Pinterest, see other blogs and vlogs, connect with others, watch movies and read books to collect amazing ideas. Our world is full of enchanted hidden places, and thrilling things to experience.

There are some (okay there are many) very common items on my bucket list, but there are some that were a surprising recognition to find. That kind of recognition when you’ve never heard about it before, but you always know you wanted to do it!

For example, visiting a sports bar in every state in the US. Once it was only by chance that I visited one in Atlanta, but it was one of my best experiences ever! There was a football match – or rugby, or ice-hockey or something like that, I don’t know, I just wanted to drink a glass of wine somewhere – and the good atmosphere that filled the place was incredibly amazing. I just enjoyed watching the people who were cheering in unison supporting the team who was playing. I was totally captivated by the feeling.

As I mentioned at the previous point, there are special websites and mobile apps dedicated to writing and fulfilling your unique bucket list. There are also some shared lists on them so you can get inspired by those ideas and can get information from fellow bucket list fulfillers.

  • Organize your items

I divided my bucket list into four categories. This easy step helps you to organize your thoughts and also to decide how to do things and what kind of skills, things, conditions or tasks you need to achieve them (order, price, season, etc.). Pick a section and try to make mini bucket lists.

Some ideas: summer (or other seasons) bucket list, this year bucket list, being more confident bucket list, and so on.

  • Deadline: dos and don’ts

Well, as I wrote above: timing shouldn’t affect your bucket list, though it is important to set up your deadlines in order to avoid “I still have time to…” trap. To stay on the gold path choose only one or two categories or items from your list – for example, things you wish for the most or things you can achieve the easiest – and set up a deadline to them. But be realistic with time and your possibilities otherwise it may squeeze you and you’ll lose all of your motivation.   

  • Update it from time to time

As you become more and more experienced, get older and with some life changes, the point will come from time to time when you want to reprioritize your goals and your claims. It’s normal and it is very important to listen to yourself, recognise and be aware of your needs. That’s why I think that it is not a problem at all if you throw away one or two items from your list.

Let’s say now you’re 26 years old and having a husband, children and two and a half dogs belong to the category of the scariest things you can imagine, but how sure are you that you’ll think the same 3-5 years later?   

How to fulfil the bucket list?

Now here comes the fun part. You have your bucket list, so here I’d like to deliver some tips on how you can fulfil it in an affordable way. These efforts helped me a lot to tick off some of my items.

  • Searching, sharing, asking

Maybe the most difficult part of achieving your goals is to find how you can do it in the cheapest way and it requires a lot of effort and takes much time from your part – relatively.

Share your goals with your friends and family or share them on some of the websites I listed above, maybe some readers will join your adventure and you can share the costs. Or they might have some tips for you on how you can fulfil your dreams on budget.

Or maybe one of your family members or friends will surprise you with a gift from your bucket list – not too likely, but as long as we live we can hope.

Join travel clubs that offer affordable trips even for a place that is expensive. Connect with locals to find the biggest hacks.

Be sure that you expand your options by checking more alternatives and websites that offer almost the same thing at different prices. Looking for an accommodation? Check HostelWorld, Hotel Combined, Couchsurfing, Agoda, Booking, Trivago and more. I’m pretty sure that you’ll see different prices.

Stay informed. Do you know that the cheapest days to fly are Tuesday and Wednesday? If you fly on Wednesday rather than Sunday, you’ll save $76 on average. Want to learn a new language? There are a lot of cheap and free ways online. Do your thorough research on everything. It takes lots of time, but it is absolutely worth investing in it.

  • Start to save money for them

When I started to keep track of my expenses I was shocked by the fact how many otiose things I bought. In the very first month when I started it, I made a decision that I wouldn’t change a thing for that month and keep all of my habits I had until that time in order to see the ugly truth. But it wasn’t only ugly! It was horrible and shocking! Just try it!

If you have already monitored your outlays from month to months, the next step is to make sacrifices and look for alternatives. Prepare your own meal, do your manicure at home, define a limit for your go outs, go to a grocery with a list in your hand, use carpooling and so on. It is easier than you may think if you remind yourself what your purpose is with all these cutbacks.

  • Be flexible with your goals

Sometimes life offers you the opportunity to experience an amazing thing, but you have to learn to recognize them. Let’s say that one of your goals is to learn to surf in Hawaii, but you have a possibility to learn it in Newquay (Cornwall, UK). What was the reason to put this activity on your bucket list? Hawaii or the activity itself? If the latter is more important for you than the place, I think you can allow yourself that little change.

  • Don’t wait!

Just start working on it. If you really want to do those things you added on your list, there is no reason to wait for starting it.

Keep your passion alive.

My bucket list

I think I’ll never stop expanding my bucket list because it’s fun to write and even funnier to fulfil. And the World is huge and beautiful.

I subdivide my big bucket list into categories such as

  • An introvert, shy girl’s bucket list
  • Cities, countries I’d like to visit + things I’d like to do in a specific place
    • Grouped by continent
  • Things I’d like to do somewhere

Check it by clicking here to get some inspiration and collect ideas.

Now the only thing left is to sit down and make your mind-blowing bucket list!

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  1. Yes, this is great! I’ve not written a bucket list for myself yet, but I think it’s such a good idea for personal growth. I also love that you’ve said you can change the list over time, I think that’s important as well!

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