Birthday gift

“I met baby daddy while travelling in Guatemala. He was volunteering at a hostel in Flores and we met right on my birthday. I was meant to leave to Belize a day after we met but decided to stay since we had an amazing time together. When I got back to work in Antigua, he came to visit for the weekend and asked if I would move with him and then travel around Central America.

I decided to make the big move.


Left my apartment, took my belongings to El Salvador – where I’m from -, packed a bag and made my way to the beautiful Flores Island. We stayed there for a few months and then travelled around Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica. Long story short, he came to meet my parents, I went to meet his in The Netherlands with a baby girl in my belly.

We travelled around Europe before we decided to have the baby in my hometown. Now, it’s the three of us. She’s been to three countries, all before turning 5 months and we are travelling to Europe again next month!

I would advise travelers who just found love, real love that they would stick to and not be scared

That BS of “if its meant to me, it will be” doesn’t work if you are from different countries or if your plans are completely different. You really gotta make it work and make yourself part of each other’s plans. It is hard whenever you are separated, but it is all worth it when you share so many experiences.”

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