The target is love

“I had been traveling solo and with friends on and off for a while – living in Greece for three months, Australia – my home – for 5 weeks and France for two months.

Then I accepted a place at university in England, unable to do anything sensibly I decided to travel for three months beforehand. Sweden, Turkey, Greece, France, and the UK. I settled in at university was really feeling the lack of new people and friends.

So I joined a target shooting club where I met my partner.

We are both super socially awkward and without the club meeting three times a week we never would have become friends. A few months later we started dating really casually – two and a half years after that we live together, have started a photographic company, and we are planning on digital nomadding until we get bored of it!”

Join Sam’s journey by reading her blog Carry on or Bust and find amazing photos on their website 397 Photographic.
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