Meet me in France

“The first time I met my husband I’d been travelling for 73 hours, from Albania to France overland.  I barely noticed him or him me and we didn’t get together until I moved there a year later. He wasn’t the reason I moved, but we’re both British so meeting in France counts I think.

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I didn’t know what to do when I returned from my trip and a friend there had a spare room. She gave me two weeks rent free as a ‘holiday’, but I decided to stay. 

He was one of her friends already living and working there and we got together after three months.

I then stayed for three years until we became digital nomads together. In 2012 we left our comfy existence in the south of France for a life of perpetual vagabondry.  Stay at other peoples’ homes, sit their pets, plants, and property, and then rollover to the next location. This life allows us to meet lots of great people, see and – because of the slow pace of travel – properly experience different parts of the world, and look after dogs, cats, fish, geese, hens, lizards, hamsters, and rats. As animal lovers, this is one of the best aspects of the lifestyle.

We’re back in France now, but still travelling when we can with our dog.”


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