From the bed to the altar

“Long story short: I went to Thailand, drunk in a bar, woke up in someone’s bed and married him 1,5 later.

The longest version is: He is from England and I am from France and we met in Koh Tao in Thailand in November 2011. He was living in Thailand where he studied to became diving instructor. I was there travelling for 2 months. It was the end of my vacation when we met. I was on to watch sexy guys and chill before went back to France continuing my real life. I was travelling alone but meat in Koh Phangan 2 girls from Australia and from Spain. As they were travelling alone as well we decided to continue together for a while.

It was like 9 PM and we were sitting in a bar and were already drunk when two guys came into the bar followed by lots of girls. All of those girls were trying to get attention from these two guys, but the taller one started to dance with me. I wasn’t really interested but he was cute and it was nice to dance with him.

The night keep going the drinks keep flowing and we started to talk.

Me “Where are you from?”
He “UK”
Me “I hate English people”
He “Why?”
Me “You drive on the wrong side of the road, you killed Jeanne d’Arc, and I forgot the last one”

He replied intelligently to this silly answer and I realized that he is intelligent and tall (2 really important things for me). Then the evening keeps going and we ended up in his room. I woke up the next morning in his studio, he had to go to work so we said goodbye. Didn’t exchange phone number or even Facebook or anything. 

The next night I went to the same bar to see him again and again and again. I had to go back to France I so said goodbye. It was the end of November 2011 and then in the middle of January 2012 I went back to Koh Tao but this time without any plan.

After we spent 6 months together I got to know I can’t have children and because of our age I said to him “I know you want children, but I can’t give you, and I already had my part of pain so let’s end this relationship now, you still have time to find someone who will give you children.”
He was playing with the bottle cap of a wine bottle, the little metal part, he made a ring from it, put his knee on the floor and said – “I prefer spending my life with you and not having children than my life without you and having children, do you want to marry me”

I said yes

Since then we lived in Thailand, Australia, Cambodia, UK, Belize, and in Akumal Quintana Roo Mexico in the last 3 years. I started scuba diving with him and I also became a diving instructor.

Now we are both technical divers – cave divers. We are living in the jungle – which means literally the jungle – with 4 dogs and explore new caves around our house

If you meet someone while travelling “alone” remember he may be the only one that really knows you. When we travel alone we don’t have any pressure from the others  (the one that knows us), the argument may be more explosive but in the end, you know each other. He is my only one and to be honest we have to work on this relationship, we are always together that can be hard but it’s as well the best.”

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