8 months later

“I was spending a week in Mallorca with my cousin and another friend of mine.

We didn’t want to spend much money so we ended up staying at a pretty crummy hostel just outside of Palma de Mallorca. On the 2nd night staying at our hostel a couple of Italian boys caught our eye, but we were on our way out so we didn’t pay much attention.

The next night we were all out in the outdoor area cooking our dinner. While my friends and I were eating dinner, one of the girls with me saw the two Italian guys nearby. “That one with the Brazilian flag bathing suit is really cute” she said. She was referring to the tan and dark haired guy firing up the BBQ. But I couldn’t keep my eyes off his friend with long dirty blond hair.

They ended up sitting nearby and I made some small talk with them about the music that we were playing. Luckily, they were Italian and I had spent a few months in Rome some years back so I actually spoke it pretty well. Everything after went by so fast. That night I learned that Vito and his friend were there from Turin for a few days on vacation. We ended up laughing and talking all night long. They spoke little to no English or Spanish and my friends spoke no Italian,

but somehow language was not an issue.

We all went out for drinks and came back to the hostel. That night and the next day Vito and I didn’t spend any time apart. Just 36 hours after we met he left on the early flight back to Turin. We never exchanged numbers nor last names… and the last few days on the island I actually MISSED him. I was sad to see him go especially since I very rarely hit it off with guys.

Months passed and I still thought about him.. every so often he popped into my mind. Then one day 8 months later as I was coming home from work I stopped to check my phone. I thought I was dreaming when I saw I had a friend request on Facebook from Vito. Was it really him? But how? How did he find me? Once I opened up the picture and confirmed that it was, in fact, him all these emotions poured into me at once.

Excitement, nerves, suspense.

Let’s jump forward a few months later… Me standing outside Milano central station. Yes, I flew to Milan to meet him again. I had to know if there was still that spark from that summer night nearly one year earlier. We did the long-distance relationship thing for nearly two years before we called it quits. 

I truly believe some people come into your life for a special reason.

I can’t say we’re headed down the aisle anytime soon but this upcoming August 15th… exactly 4 years after we met in that cheap hostel I’ll be picking him at the airport in my hometown of Miami. I’ll be visiting my family for a few weeks and he’ll be making his first trip to America. I can’t wait to bring this Italian ragazzo around.

My advice would be to go with the flow and make sure you’re both on the same page about whatever dating status you are at. If you’re both all in then great. If you’re both open to have more flexibility then you both have to be honest with each other.”

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