He came and never left

“I was 41 years old, and, in the summer of 2016, I left my job of 18 years to become a traveling yoga teacher. My first destination was Rishikesh in India to attend an intensive Iyengar yoga retreat in an ashram.

I remember one evening chatting with my roommate, she asked me to describe my ideal partner. After many failed relationships I had become a bit of a cynic in all things love, so I said 

“I don’t think my ideal partner exists”

She insisted, so I described him as a good man, with a great sense of humor, kind heart, very tender, and of course handsome! A few days after, I met him! It seemed impossible, but there he was, working on his computer, very handsome and shy. For me, it was love at first sight! We didn’t speak until a few days later when we found ourselves sitting at the same table. The next day we met again, “by chance” and spend the whole day together, talking and laughing.

I was completely head over heels for him, but I had to leave to the South of India to lead a retreat there. We kept in touch, chatted often and one day, very nonchalantly, he asked if he could come and visit me. I was over the moon!

He came, and he never left.

We have been traveling together since then, combining his work and mine. He is a software developer, so as long as there is good wifi and good coffee, he is happy. I am a bit more picky about our destinations, as it has to be somewhere I can teach yoga, or where I can attend good classes.

India is so far our favourite destination, as we both are keen meditators and go to an ashram in the South to do our practices. Chiang Mai is another favourite, as well as Bali. This year we will be spending time in Tenerife, and Athens. Life on the road becomes much sweeter when you have someone to share it with.

Of course, there are challenges too. When you live together in such a small space and spend a lot of time together everything becomes more intense, the good and the bad things. We have been through a lot, and every time our relationship grows stronger.

I feel like we are soulmates on many levels. Never stop dreaming and wishing for the man of your dreams, he might be just around the corner waiting for you!”

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