Like a scene out of a movie

“It was 4 years ago when I fell in love while abroad in London on the week before I was leaving. I was in a club with a friend, it was my last week in London after a year and we were celebrating. There were these two guys hitting on us but I got bored very quickly and left with some excuse.

While I was walking back to my friend and save her from the situation without being too rude I saw this guy. He was tall and handsome, he was talking to some friends. I sort of froze in my spot, he turned around and we made eye contact.

At that moment my mind went like: I need to have him.

I started walking towards him, without losing eye contact and he started doing the same. We didn’t even introduce each other, just started dancing and it literally felt like the rest of the room was blurry and quiet. We almost instantly kissed and we spend the rest of the night together.

Then we left the club to find a quieter place to talk, not too far so that we could find our friends again. We started talking about university, our dreams, what we wanted to do. I told him I wanted to make movies and he told me he wanted to be a writer, and we joked about making a movie together. When it came the time to say goodbye we started walking in the opposite direction, but after a few steps we both turned around and ran back to each other and kissed one last time. When I got on the bus a few minutes later I texted everyone I knew: I found love.

The sad story is that we texted a bit after that but he didn’t seem interested as much as I was and since I left London we didn’t even get to see each other again. He found a girlfriend at uni and became a famous singer. I am obsessed with his music and my sister too. Sometimes I go back to my mum and my sister is playing his songs on Spotify. Such a perfect way to kill my mood.

I, later on, got together with my actual boyfriend and now I’m so happy with him.”

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