Compromise and support

I moved to Tanzania in January 2016 to work for an education non-profit. This was just last August we met, I’m from the US, he is Tanzanian.

We met at a mutual friends’ bar-b-que. When we met I was actually telling him about how I was leaving Tanzania and couldn’t wait to come home and start a new life! But he convinced me to come to have coffee with him that week even though I told him I was leaving and completely not interested in starting anything. He told me he wanted to make sure I enjoyed my last few months and to take me to some nice places I had never been. 

We spent 4 months together, we started doing things on my bucket list that I wanted to see before I left. Then I went back to the States, but a month later I decided to move to Tanzania.

I think the biggest challenge in our relationship was making the decision to move back to Tanzania. We met in August and I was leaving in December. We didn’t know each other very well but felt a very big connection. It was hard to decide whether to come back but I did and moved in with him immediately. It was a really big learning curve for us since we didn’t really know each other but we really learned to respect one another and compromise, especially considering our cultural differences.

The best thing I think is how we have helped each other change for good, through compromise and support.

At least for me, I feel like I’ve changed for the better, I’ve become more disciplined. For example, my boyfriend is Muslim so I quit smoking and reduced a lot of alcohol intake. I also fasted with him for Ramadhan which takes a lot of discipline. It’s been hard, but totally worth. Our relationship is still going strong” 

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