Long distance relationship for a year

“He’s British and often travels in Europe and especially Italy where I am from. He was in Venice and I was in uni in a city close by. At the time we were both using Tinder. and we matched on the day he left. We spoke for two weeks until he decided to come back to meet me. We have been long distance relationship for about a year and doing back and forth.

Distance made us message each other about important things and we both find that writing help expresses ourselves with more clarity, so we have developed good communication and trust from the very beginning. Also every time I would go visit him or he’d come to visit me we could dedicate each other most or all of the time.

The bad part is just ‘feeling’ single during your day to day life, seeing couples doing things together, your friends spending the weekend with their SO and you’re alone… In the long run, it can be frustrating. It’s different from being single, but you’re not quite a couple yet.

Mind you, reuniting gives a whole new set of challenges

A year later I graduated and moved to the UK where I currently live. 

I think you should do what feels right in the present but at the same time try to have future common goals towards which you can work together and look forward.”

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