Taking risks for an even bigger reward

“They say if you want to meet someone special, that you should do the things that you love the most i.e. travel. This increases the chances that you will connect with someone who shares the same passions as you. 

That was true for me when I (Australian) met my boyfriend Max (Argentinian) while we were both backpacking Europe solo. It was on a walking tour in Vilnius, Lithuania that we started talking. We were both in the city only for one day but ended up spending it together.

It took more than just our chance meeting and instant spark for us to be where we are now. Both of us had to overcome our fears and take risks to be together. It was Max taking a chance to ask me to lunch, then us deciding to spend the rest of the day together, exchanging contacts, and keeping in touch even though we didn’t even know if we would see each other again. I invited Max to visit me in my little city in the north of Spain – some of my friends thought I was crazy. And we were both so nervous and scared that it would all end in disaster. 

But that summer was magical, and just a few weeks later we were both in the Canary Islands. Since then we have traveled together to 10 different countries across 4 continents! 

We are both grateful we took that fateful walking tour and more so that we were brave enough to take risks for an even bigger reward. 

Being open to new experiences can be scary but when you push past your normal point of comfort, it can lead to something incredible.”

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