The perfect place to do nothing, but relax – Senj Croatia

I had been struggling with writing this post. The only thing that came to my mind was a single thought:

“ I loved all 10 days I spent there, I wanna go back”.

Although this sentence is definitely true, it’s not enough to publish it as a post. I looked at the beautiful pictures which I took there, again and again, then all of a sudden I realized what the problem was and why I hadn’t written even a single sentence. Senj is the perfect place for doing nothing, but chilling, floating in the water, mooning in the medieval town, going for a lazy hiking tour and enjoying your life.

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Maybe it’s just for me because the city is a quite busy transport hub, but I didn’t experience crowd and teeming city life. I think I would have had a different opinion if I had gone to the International Summer Carnival, which is organized in early August, every year. Although you can’t find any adrenaline shot activities, there are a bunch of things you can do, so do not worry, you won’t be bored.

About Senj, Croatia  

Senj is more than 3000 years old. The city is located by the Adriatic sea in the Velebit Canal and its specialty is its location. Senj was built on the coast, but there are huge mountains behind the city, so it offers perfect activities in every season.

Nehaj Castle

It is located 20-minute walk from the center. This place will give you the possibility to enjoy Senj’s most beautiful view. The entrance fee is 20kn and the cashier speaks Hungarian a little bit 🙂


You should visit it even if you are not an animal fan. This place can show birds in a quite unique and interesting way. Even more, you can see vultures to having lunch.

Food and restaurant

The largest grocery store is Konzum, and it is the cheapest way to get some food, but you should definitely try a local restaurant which is located on the coast or in the medieval town. Eating in a restaurant there is not too cheap, but such a perfect


There are 5 campsites in the city which is almost the cheapest way for staying, but with a quick research you may find cheaper apartments – depends on the season and date of the reservation – because a lot of local people revamped their house and offer rooms for budget travellers.

Senj’s beaches are through 75 km long, but only a few of them covered by sand, others are typically coated by gravel or concrete. I highly recommend you to go and explore the coast because there is a hap of a hidden part which is actually not a beach, but there you can also enjoy the sun, the beautiful Adriatic sea, and its wildlife.  

Water activities

If you like water activities Senj is heaven for you: sailing, diving, snorkelling, fishing and there are a bunch of other activities waiting for you to fulfil your desire for aquatic adventures.

Eh… this sentence is like a really bad advertisement, but still true.

+ 1 reason why Senj is the perfect place

Everything is near Senj! As you have read above, this city has everything: beaches, mountains, a medieval town and other historical places. But if you want to explore other cities, you can reach a bunch of very popular places just a stone throne’s away – alright some of them is a quite a big throw, but thanks to the public transport, it is easy to get anywhere.

  • Crikvenica, 33 km – for its nightlife
  • Northern Velebit National Park, 35 km – for hiking, it’s insanely beautiful
  • Jablanac, 43 km – for a shipwreck. Find a post about it here.
  • Plitvice, 62 km – for the Plitvice Lakes
  • Rijeka 65 km – shopping 🙂 and history
  • Krk Island, 71 km – the largest island in Croatia
Have you ever been there? What is your favourite city in Croatia?

I would like to hear from you

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