Diving at Jablanac Shipwreck in Croatia

Jablanac is an enchanted, hidden village in Croatia. The population of the small spot is around 100 people. One of my favourite gems, not only because the village and its surroundings are insanely wonderful, but I could do activities I really like: hiking and diving.

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How to find the shipwreck in Jablanac

It is really hard to find a parking place in the village, so if you go by car the best choice is to stop before the village on the winding serpentine. Entering Jablanac, you will be welcomed by some hosts inviting you to their restaurants each with a beautiful view of the harbour. It is impossible to miss the way to the shipwreck – Even I didn’t do it – because on the one hand you will find “Zavratnica” sign everywhere, and on the other hand there is only one way which is bounded by a rock wall on its one side and the Adriatic Sea on the other side.

Good to know that the shipwreck has opening hours – find it below the post – and you will also have to pay 20 kunas entry fee. The latter must be paid for a man who’ll jump up from behind a rock. He’ll give you a – let’s say – receipt, as a proof he is the right person whom you’ll have to pay for the experience. 

Instaworthy route

The wreck is about 50-minute walk from Jablanac’s port, but I bet it will be more time for you – especially if you are active on Instagram – because the route is breathtaking. So you can take amazing photos at every step of yours, for example you can see the Island of Rab. 

The shipwreck and kind memories

If you step into the hidden Zavratnica bay, you can see the German military shipwreck from WWII in the clear blue water. We jumped into the water from the coast then the others throw the snorkelling equipment after us. We went to discover the shipwreck just the two of us and it simply was an indescribable experience. I really love snorkelling and diving, it is so peaceful and calm everywhere under the sea. Once I was diving and met a clownfish, who started to follow my orange nails, it was so cute. 

As we were swimming over the wreck, suddenly someone grabbed my hand. It was my little sister. She was so cute. Wswam further leaving the shipwreck where the big blue depth greeted us. It can be really scary at first if you are not used to it. It reminded me the time when she was just a child and she always grabbed my hand when we were walking across the road and now she drives a car, has a boyfriend and is preparing for her school leaving exam. If you have a little sister you may understand this sentimental contemplation. Fine, never mind, back to Zavratnica bay. 

Hiking time

So after we got out of the water, we thought it would be great to climb the rocks and take a look at what’s up there on the top.

We enjoyed the shades of trees for a while, but we shortly came out of the shadow, where there was nothing but rocks and strong sunshine. Guess what we found. More rocks! And the wonderful view of the bay and the shipwreck. It was absolutely worth climbing even though we were wearing flip-flops, but it is better if you bring sport shoes with you, if you want hiking. They will be more comfortable. Oh and a hat! Do not forget to bring a hat! There is no shade.

Opening hours
What is your favourite spot in Croatia?

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  1. This is definitely getting added on my Croatia Itinerary thank you! Do you have coordinates or an address for GPS for parking location?

    1. I’m happy that it helped Sally! There is not any official parking place, but you can park almost everywhere when you enter the village. You cannot miss it because there will be a lot of parking cars 🙂

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