Why Kennedy Space Center should be on your Florida bucket list

If you are planning to go to Florida and NASA’s Kennedy Space Center isn’t on your list, you’ll just start to miss out the biggest highlight there. This complex is a must-see, even if you are planning to go with your kids. I bet they will enjoy it as much as you too.   

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Although I was excited to see Kennedy Space Center, I didn’t have any expectations, because I thought I’d see some spaceships, some memorials, and that’s all. This is still cool, but you know… it’s not Disneyland. And oh my gosh, how wrong I was! This place is amazing! All the amusement and theme parks – including Disneyland -– could learn from this visitor complex. The attractions and shows which were created with the highest respect for space travellers were prodigious, while they were educational, entertaining and dazzling at the same time.

You need a plan before you go

This complex is huge with a ton of attractions, so be prepared for a whole day trip, and if you can, I’d like to suggest spending two days. The best option if you download their app – available on App Store and Google Play too -, free wifi is available in the complex. Another option is to visit their website where you can find an awesome trip planner. They created some itineraries for families with children, couples and more. What an awesome feature! What I really loved and highly recommend to check is Heroes & Legends – actually, you should start there -, the Rocket Garden and Space Shuttle Atlantis. I really don’t understand its reason, but it wasn’t crowded at all. There were a lot of people, but I didn’t have to wait too much time anywhere, which was pretty awesome.

Extra tip

I highly recommend you to check their featured event on the website, before you go. I didn’t even know that there would be a rocket launch the day I spent there, but I was lucky enough to catch it. Although the only thing I saw was a little shiny ball receding slowly and then fading away and heard the sound of the launching, I will always remember this extraordinary experience.


In general, Kennedy Space Center is not the cheapest place, but it is totally worth saving a small amount of money to visit. Tickets are available from 50 USD, and you can buy it online too. Souvenirs, food, and drink are relatively pricey, just like in any of the amusement parks, so it’s not a big surprise.

How to get there

The complex is located in Cape Canaveral, which is quite near to Orlando. Unfortunately, public transport is not available to Kennedy Space Center, but Gray Line Orlando and Florida Dolphin Tours offer transportation to the visitor complex, but I think it is better option to rent a car, which is surprisingly cheap almost everywhere in the states, at least compared to Europe.

PS: I still love you DisneyLand <3

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