2 stunning waterfalls near Budapest

Budapest is amazing, and if you had already read my previous posts you know exactly how much I love it – if you don’t you can make up for it by clicking here and here. But all of us need some rest and get away from the always vivid and teeming “big city life”. If you feel this way or just would like to take a hike then you should go and have a date with Mother Nature. So let me recommend you 2 stunning waterfalls that are near Budapest. I will also give write some tips to first-time solo hikers.

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True for all destinations:
  • I ordered the places according to their distance from Budapest, but all of them are within easy reach and you can use public transport too, and you don’t even have to worry about extra accommodation costs.
  • I highly recommend you to start as early as you can, because these sites are popular among people, and if you’d like to avoid the crowd, you should start your tour at around 7-8 am.
Paprikás-Creek Waterfall

Paprikás-Creek streams through the Alsó-Jegenye valley and it falls down on a 5 meters high cliff stage. With this height, it is the largest waterfall in the Buda Hills. If you take this tour, I recommend you to check Rózsika-spring and Solymár Castle too. With these two extra sights, the length of the full tour is about 1,5 km and you don’t have to worry about special hiking equipment or physical strength. It’s an easy “grab your flip-flop and go for a walk” kind of tour, so you can do it even with a baby.

The easiest way to get there is from Budapest Nyugati train station with a train to Solymár. There take bus 164 or 64 and get off at stop Shell-station. On the other side, you will see “S Mária” and “K” signs that lead you into the forest. After a 10-minute walk in the forest, crossing 2 enchanted bridges above Paprikás-Creek you’ll see the waterfall. If you want to get a closer look – I suggest, you should you have to climb down the hillside. You’ll find a huge rock in front of the waterfall. When I was there I sat down and let the cool, fresh air and charming sight overwhelmed me. Aw, I love those scents! It’s a mixture of forest, creek and bug spray.

Continuing your walk you can easily access Rózsika-spring, which is located on the left side of the creek, near a resting place. There is a statue depicting a water-pouring girl at the spring, created by Sándor Rumán. It is worth going further to “Szarkavár” (Castle), which is situated on the Mátyás-hill. You’ll find a fantastic panorama of Buda Hills.

Rám-szakadék (Rám-ravine), Lukács-árok (Lukács-dike)

This romantic, rocky, narrow canyon is one of the most popular hiking trails in Hungary. It’s a must see if you like hiking, it gives you an unforgettable, adventurous experience thanks to the beautiful surrounding and the special hiking trail. Although it’s not the easiest route, you can expect insanely huge crowds on sunny weekends, especially from 11 am, so it’s better to start as early as you can.

The easiest way to approach it is from the Village House of Dömsöd (you can get there with bus no. 1110 from Népliget, Budapest). You cannot miss the tourist route which is indicated by yellow, green and red signs – fine, I can miss them, but getting lost anywhere is my superpower. The best shoes choice is waterproof hiking shoes because your way will go through a creek and some stunning waterfalls. The length of the tour is about 9 km, and it can be completed in 3 hours.

For first-time solo hikers:
  • The most important is shoes! At first, I thought if I go hiking in my comfy sneakers once and they fell comfortable, they will always be perfect for each path. Although it was true in lots of cases, there are a bunch of hiking tours that require special hiker shoes, which are waterproof, their soles don’t slip and hold the ankles.
  •  Know where you are. It may happen to anyone that they get lost in the forest or get to a place where you can’t see anything and your phone has no service, so GPS doesn’t work. Find the compass on your phone, it will be a huge help, if you know which direction is the nearest town.
  • A baby warthog is cute and kind, but its mommy isn’t, and she is there too. And she is faster than you.
  • Don’t forget to take plenty of water with you and some healthy snacks.
  • Bug spray is necessary.
  • Be prepared with several layers of clothes. 

Hiking is fun. Leaving civilization behind and getting a deeper relationship with nature is essential when you’d like to empty your mind and prepare yourself for further tasks and challenges that come with life.

Fun hiking Guys!

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