Explore your city like a tourist – my “a day in Budapest” bucket list

Are you local? Travel like a tourist! My “a day in Budapest” bucket list

I was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary and although I love this city, I missed a lot of things to see and do. It’s a shame – and I can hardly believe that I tell it to you Guys – but I had never seen the Buda Castle and I had never walked through the Chain Bridge, even more, I had never eaten a ridiculously overpriced chimney cake on Vörösmarty Square.

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At one occasion I had to show around some visitors from Canada. I was enchanted by the charm of Budapest and I had just realized that my knowledge about my birthplace is very deficient. Fine, I know the history, I know the culture, I know the specialties and I have my favourite places in Budapest – you can check them in the previous post – but I had missed the most compulsory sights. Of course I had walked and driven next to them a hundred times and I always see them, but I had never looked, for example, I never actually noticed how many beautiful flowers there are all over the city. I think it was a matter-of-course thing that these are wonderful parts of the city and I can check them whenever I want. But somehow, I had never found the time for it. I had always been in a hurry to do this or that and I just hadn’t been able to fulfill my wanderlust in Budapest.

Budapest Bucket List

And here I was, a girl who is almost 27 years old and yet didn’t know the city where she is based. So I wrote a Budapest Bucket List and then on a sunny Saturday morning, I started to take a tour in the city. And I can say: It was my best decision ever! I met some amazing people – a girl who travelled solo and needed some help to take photos of her as she was sitting in the window of the Castle, a guy from Germany who has a quite good sense of humour, and I helped a local girl to understand some people’s speech who came from Italy. I could see my city the way I had never seen it before and as it usually happens I fell in love again. So I think wherever you come from, pick up your shoes, grab your best daily backpack and go to explore your own home, because you may think you know it, but you don’t know it exactly until you see it as a tourist (you still have the advantage, so keep it and use it).


Here is my one day bucket list and some amazing photos that can act as a proof of the charm of Budapest:

  • Hop on – Hop off boat tour with a stop at Margaret Island at daylight and at night too
  • Walk through the Chain Bridge
  • Go to the Buda Castle and Castle Quarter
  • Fisherman’s Bastion
  • Eat a ridiculously overpriced chimney cake
  • Spring fair at Vörösmarty Square
  • Chilling on the riverbank on Pest side
Fisherman's Bastion
Gellért hill
View from Buda Castle
Chain Bridge
View from Pest side
Matthias Church
Buda Castle
Did I see everything?

Oh, absolutely not! I still have Budapest bucket list and there is a bunch of things on it. I will definitely organize another trip or two around the city. I hope you get a feeling to visit Budapest, but at first go and explore your city.

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