Love letter to Budapest – What you should see and do in the summer

Every single time, when I come back to the city of Budapest I fell in love again and again. I’m pretty sure that the Hungarian capital is one of the most beautiful cities in the whole World. Maybe I’m a little bit biased because I was born and raised here, but if you can visit it once, you will understand what I’m talking about.

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I love to drive through the road that is parallel with the Danube. I love to see the view of the city from Gellért Hill, especially at night when the lights highlight the most amazing monuments of Budapest. I love the architect of the inner city and I also love the always vivid nightlife in every season. But my favourite period is summer. Here, I would like to recommend you some amazing spots and activities that you should see and do in the summer. Keep reading and by the end of the short summer stories of mine, you’ll understand why it is a love letter that I dedicated to the city and why Budapest has a piece of my heart. I hope you’ll be inspired by reading this article and get a strong desire to come and create your own story in Budapest.

Shooting star adventures

If you are here around August, when shooting stars fall, you should make a wish at the viewpoint of Hármashatárhegy, which is a mountain between the 2nd and the 3rd districts. A popular place for hiking and cycling and here is the starting point of paragliders. This place is not lit by the city lights, so you can see all of the stars and find your peace after visiting the bustling city. Even more, you can enjoy there an amazing view of Budapest. You can get there by bus 65 (stop at Szépvölgyi terminus) and then follow the blue line (tourist route). I had 3 wishes one night.

Best places for a bachelorette party

I organized a bachelorette party last year and I wanted something special for the bride to be. In the end, we had a huge and memorable party that night to worthily celebrate her very last single day. Finally, we picked 3D Gallery because of the following reasons. It has a central location and it is very easy to get there from all directions, it was relatively cheap and they have a really good and well-organized package for hen parties, and we finally had some amazing and unique photos. So it was the perfect start, but I can recommend it for other occasions too or just to have some funny photos – you can check them here:

Then we took a stroll in the city when the fiancée had to complete some tasks and challenges. It wasn’t a question that we would have a party at Fogas-ház, because our team was made up of people with so different music preferences, and you can find every kind of music from rock to r&b in various places both inside and outside. The staff was kind, which couldn’t have been easy because they were so busy all the time, but they found some time to engage with us and be apart on our “games”. The ruin bar is a labyrinth and it is very easy (especially for me) to get lost, but as you are walking through the place you can find some surprising rooms with funny stuff. I don’t want to spill the beans – find it out for yourself. How to get there:

Water guns and bubble-blowers

In the last couple of years, the Szabadság Bridge in Budapest is closed to car traffic and open to people in the summer (Hopefully it will be the same this year). The bridge is stunning itself and it is the perfect home for some meetups and events during this time of the year. If you’d like to have a lot of fun, bring a water gun, spray the people around you, play possum and check the reaction, as we did. We took the most important accessories of a perfect night – a bottle of wine, water guns and bubble-blowers – and tried to find a spot on the bridge where we could ‘pitch a camp’. People were everywhere, even on the structure. Finally, we always uncovered the truth and calmed people down ‘It’s just water’, and luckily – apart from a few exceptions – they just laughed at the whole thing. Szabadság-bridge is an easily accessible spot and it also quite near to some popular sites, such as Gellért Hill or the big market, where you can find some Hungarian specialities. 

If you are there, I highly recommend Pagony for a nice meal. The specialty of the place that it belonged to the Gellért Bath. It used to be a kids pool, but now it is a restaurant. They kept the original architect, so the tables are placed in the pool (without water), a really great place to chill. You can find it at the address Budapest, Kemenes u. 10, 1114.
Night picnic and Asian party

It’s a shame I know, but I have never seen the fountain on Margaret Island when it plays music. I tried to make up for it last year, so we organized a night time picnic with my friend, but it was under construction, maybe this year I’ll be lucky enough. I love this place in summertime, especially at night. Youths and couples in love are everywhere who’d like to hang out and relax in nature. Such a perfect place for that. When we were out of wine we took a short walk along the bank of the Danube and then headed back home. We got on the bus, which was stuffed with people so we had to stand. The driver braked suddenly so that I fell against a guy and crushed the bus’ window together. Luckily none of us had any major injury, just a few scratches caused by the glass splinters. Not exactly the easiest way to make a new friend on the bus, but it worked well.

The guy was from Japan but had been living here with his wife for a time. He invited us to an Asian party, and oh boy! We had never been to a party like this before. To be honest I had no clue that an “Asian party” is an existing thing. And then I understood that why it is an Asian party. The music is… weird. It is just a thing… it’s a different culture and I quickly realized that I would never be a fan of this music. BUT! Please, tell me, how somebody can dance to this music? I had tried! Really, but as I got the rhythm I immediately lost it, so after a while, I gave it up and just moved on the way I could. The place where we were is the Supersonic nightclub, and if you like alternate music you should visit it. It is not the biggest place I’ve ever seen, but it’s clean and the staff is friendly. Check it on the link:

Something old

Alright, actually it’s not only a summer program, because you can enjoy Bem theatre all year round, but I really love this place. It’s a movie theatre next to Margaret-bridge on the Buda side. I like it because it has a unique atmosphere ensured by funny furniture and old movies. You can see movies like Singing in the rain or the Labyrinth, so this place is not for the films that came out recently, and that’s why I really love it. Another thing that the lobby is actually a bar, where you can hang out before or after the film. Plus it is really cheap both the movie and the bar.

I would like to hear your favourite stories and spots in Budapest, so please feel free to share it in the comment section below.   
And say Hello to me if you are here 🙂

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