The best water parks in Hungary

I’ve been always a huge fan of waterslides, water parks and everything that is related to water. It was an incredible experience and feeling, when I started to work for a company which is the market leader of the Hungarian waterslide industry. Fine, I’m not a water slide tester, so I don’t slide all the time, but I can visit more aqua-parks than an average person and after work, we always have some time to have fun. My favourite part is product testing, let’s say my job is to have fun. Not too bad, isn’t it? So relying on my experiences here is my recommendation on which are the top 3 Hungarian waterparks that you should visit.

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Spa- and Wellness Centre Sárvár


It has a wide range of offers for actually everyone from families to adventure seekers. The facility has an indoor and outdoor site too, so even the bad weather can’t stop you from having fun. As for me, I prefer the outdoor park to the indoor park, because water slides are better outside. My favourite is the Aquatube which has natural light effect parts, hence it can provide a unique and colourful experience. What I really like is the adorable kiddo’s part. It’s a Dragon castle with a ship, which is so cute. They come up with something new every year and I can’t wait to test the new features of 2018.  

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How to get there?

It’s located on the western part of Hungary, about 200 km from Budapest. The train is the best choice if you don’t want to rent a car because the terminal is only 2 minutes from Sárvárfürdő by walking.



One of the biggest water parks in Hungary with the most extreme water slides. Relatively expensive, and the slide park can be found in the rear section of the spa. If you’d like to go there you have to buy extra entrance tickets, but totally worth paying for it. This huge complex provides everything that is related to water from medical treatment to amazing adventures. What I really like is the extreme zone. You can not only try an awesome waterslide that works with a trap door – try it, it’s really cool -, but you can also try rock climbing. The 20 meters height structure of the water slides is covered by artificial rock where you can test your skills. Even more, there is a waterfall on it. Another cool feature of the park is the adventure bath, where you can find many possibilities and unusual bathing experiences, such as ice cave bathing, cinema bathing, tropical bathing or Roman bathing.

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How to get there?

It’s located on the eastern part of Hungary, about 240 km from Budapest. It’s a little bit tricky to get there because the public transport network is not the best in Hungary. You have to change at least twice, so if I may suggest the Motar is the best choice so far, which is the most popular ridesharing website in Central Europe and you can make new friends while you are travelling.



I think Aquaworld is the best water park in Budapest. I love its Inca thematization, it’s pretty impressive. They also have a surf pool, where you can learn how to surf and it can be really funny. There is nothing special about the slides. I mean they are cool enough to give it a try, but not too extremes (relatively). What I really like there is the socialization. They often organize night pool and foam parties with UV face and body painting, fire and LED shows, exotic dance performances and more.

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How to get there?

Aquaworld in the 4th district, which is an outer district of Budapest, but you can get there it by tram 14 or by bus 30 or 122.

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Extra note

All of the above parks organize night bathing events sometimes. I highly recommend giving it a try at least once, it’s a kind of unique experience, because of the music and lights. All the sites have their own hotel part where you can stay, but it’s not exactly a budget possibility.

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