Funny ways to practice a new language

Although there are a bunch of possibilities online and offline to learn and practice a new language, I gave all of it up in a short time because they were so boring to me, but here are some that I have really enjoyed.

I used to be frustrated when I had to use English or French. It was more of a self-confidence issue than a knowledge problem. As I have noticed it is not only my problem, but there are many-many people who struggle with it. Now I would like to share it with you, how I demolished my barriers that were made by me and how I got over the silly things that only existed in my head, but stopped me from being a self-confident French or English language speaker, both at work and in my private life.

My story and the final hit

I have had to use English from 5th grade of primary school, so almost my whole life. Moreover, I was living in England for a while and I graduated from Anglia Ruskin University. Then a few years ago, I met the press and a reporter asked me after the interview: “It was really heavy for you to use English, wasn’t it?” She managed to destroy me with this one sentence and the level of my frustration increased to an extreme level. Although I had tried to improve my knowledge in many, many ways, I was so frustrated when I had to use it and I didn’t dare to speak.

How I tried to overcome my frustration – the best practices that I used

Although there are a bunch of possibilities online and offline to learn and practice a new language, I gave all of it up in a short time because they were so boring to me, but here are some that I have really enjoyed.

Only in English 

I have started to read everything in English. Doesn’t matter whether I want to read something about my profession or my studies or when I am trying to find a tutorial on how to make a rainbow hair or just when reading a book.

Write every anger of yours down

When I am upset or disappointed I write all of my problems down in English. It is a very useful way to extend my vocabulary because when I’m in a bad mood I use words what I usually don’t use and I have also learned a lot of expressions this way. What is more, by the time I’m done all of my anger has just flown away.

Facebook, Tinder 

I have tried some applications like Speaky or Languing, but based on my experiences, these platforms are not about learning a new language. However I had never got so many marriage offers anywhere else, but here. I have joined some Facebook groups in connection my interests (travel, online marketing, etc.), and the main language that is used in these groups is English. There is no pressure to comment or create a new post, but you can when you are ready. Once I shared my problem in a group that is for female travellers and lots of girls tried to help me to get over my frustration. Such an amazing community. I also created a Tinder account, and at first, I used it like all the other people who make a profile there, that is to meet new people. As found out later, Tinder is a really cool and very useful application for pretty much everything, but finding my prince. For example, using this app is such an excellent way to practice English and to extend my vocabulary.

Some other funny ways

  • Start to write a blog, read it aloud and film it. It is really funny to watch.
  • Call an information line – you can call some of it for free
  • Use the Meetup application and go to an event
  • Act like a movie star – I started to play some situations at home. For example when I had to prepare for a meeting or something like that.

All of these practices helped me a lot to be better and better, but it was only in writing and I still feared to say a single word.

How I finally got rid of my frustration 

I have grabbed every possibility in my comfort zone

I started to hold my meetings in English and luckily my team was so happy with this decision. Then we continued our conversation during lunch, then through e-mail, Skype, Messenger and on all platforms where we could communicate. Wow, such a fantastic team! Later on, other colleagues also joined us. You can’t imagine how much fun it has been. The best and most effective thing was when an English teacher was hired at our company as a sales manager and we started to practice together focusing on oral skills.

One little step out of my comfort zone 

The first little step out of my comfort zone was to meet people whom I knew from Facebook groups or Tinder. At first, I worried about my ‘hunglish’ (Hungarian English), but it got better shortly. I found out that when I’m speaking about my job, I’m more confident than in other cases.

Big jump 

Travelling alone. Do I need to explain it? 🙂

Fantastic recognition 

I met a Brazilian man who is living in Hungary but hardly speaks the language. When I heard him speaks Hungarian at first, my first thought was: “Aw, how cute” This recognition has helped me to get over my frustration, because hopefully others just think the same when I use another language, let it be English or French.

Some barriers and a bit of frustration are still there inside me, but now it’s better. Much better. I think it is due to practicing and not only on paper, but I have real conversations because now I put myself into these situations.

I hope you find this article useful. If you have any other idea, please do not hesitate to share it with us in the comments section below.  

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