Why you should visit Olympia even if you are not a history lover

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Olympia is located on the western side of Peloponnese and it is easily accessible, because there are lots of busses and trains that go there every day. I was thinking a lot about how I can introduce this amazing place, not because I didn’t have a thought about it or there is nothing to do, but I couldn’t say a better reason why you should visit Olympia, than history. Obviously! We can say without doubt that Olympia in Greece is one of the most important archaeological sites. And of course if you are a history lover it must be the paradise for you. The birthplace of the Olympic Games hides more than 30 sites which are waiting for the curious history seekers. You should see this place, even if you are not a history fan.

History lessons will have a new meaning

I highly recommend to take a guided tour in the museums and on the archaeological sites too. For me it was the moment when everything that I learned in history lessons at school made sense and the gained knowledge about people, sites and dates became a real knowledge that is connected to a real experience. It is more entertaining to learn about history this way than from books.


It doesn’t take a long time to walk around the whole museum. It is filled with relics and what I really liked is that I could see the maquette of the Temple of Zeus. A lot of parts of this exhibition tell an exciting and full story, instead of objects appearing randomly.

Archaeological Sites

Although I fell behind from the group and somehow I ended up in the bushes (just don’t ask why or how… never ask… it’s better for you), I really enjoyed exploring these sites. I have never been the person who’ll be delirious when she sees a heap of stones (certificate of poverty, I know), but it was truly impressive to think about how they could build those huge monuments and temples. Plus there are some really interesting stories behind each of them- that’s why it is better to explore it with a guide (and to try to stay with them).

Challenge yourself

Now it is the time to challenge yourself and take a sprint on the field where athletes did the same in the original OIympic stadium. What a spiritual feeling!


Having a lunch at the taverna

A taverna belongs to the site, where you can have a nice lunch. Don’t miss out tasting Tzatziki, served with locally made olive oil and also try the Greek Baklava, which is quite similar to the Turkish version, but still different. You know it’s Greek.

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