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Cephalonia or Kefalonia in Greece is getting more popular amongst tourists for obviously a hundred of reasons. The history, the cuisine, its amazing nature, the marvellous beaches everywhere and the breathtaking view from almost every point of this island. What I really loved is the real Greek hospitality. Cephalonian inhabitants are so friendly, kind and they have a really good sense of humour. Although I spent only a day on the island, I gained some nice experiences and what is more, I saw a sea turtle. 

Here are the top things to do and see in Cephalonia on a day trip
St. Gerasimos Monastery

When I arrived at St. Gerasimos Monastery, a little boy just came out from the building and he asked her Mom: “Why did the women kiss the dead man’s leg?” Pretty surprising question isn’t it? As it turned out the dead man Saint Agios Gerasimos, who is Cephalonia’s very own patron saint and he was eponymous of this monastery. Inhabitants of the island believe that Saint Gerasimos protect them and cure them of illness. This isolated monastery in a peaceful surrounding is worth a visit, even if you are not a believer. The interior is so impressive both inside and out and the orthodox paintings on all walls exude a feeling that can help find peace in soul and mind.  

Melissani Underground Lake

If you chose only one thing, pick this one and explore this amazing excavation site by boat! Totally worth every cent of the entrance fee and every moment spent in the row, while I was waiting for my trip. The beautiful green-blue water is a mixture of salt and sweet water. The boat trip was really funny and interesting because drivers were not only driving the boat, but they were also singing some Greek song. They also told us an interesting story about the cave and the lake, and last, but not least the view was truly impressive.

Drogarati Caves

I could get to the cave by climbing a steep stairway – better when you go down, be ready for the leg day – and this cave is breathtaking! Not too big, but incredibly spectacular. There are plenty of dripping stones in all sizes and pleasant air filled the cave.

Myrtos Beach

Myrtos beach is known as one of the most famous and best beaches in Greece. It is a two in one site because you can also find the clear, blue sea and some enchanted hills. It truly looks like a little jewellery box and it is amongst the 10 best beaches of the world year by year.

Lunch at Agia Efimia fishing village

I highly recommend to have lunch at Agia Efimia and try “kreatopita”, what is a meat pie and do not miss “kaitifi” either, which is one of the best cakes I’ve ever eaten. This village is located on the east coast and it has a small harbour, that is popular with sailing and it is also the home of the flotilla sailing groups. You should definitely take a walk after lunch in the port. I should say it’s stunning, and it truly is, but the first thought that came to my mind was cute.


Cephalonia’s capital was my last stop on that day. There are plenty of cafes, bars, restaurants and – of course – souvenir shops at the center, where you can also find the Archeological Museum with thousands of years old relics from the Byzantine and the Roman era. To finish a great day I sat down at the harbour, ordered a coffee and I was admiring the view of the charming city when suddenly the waiter said: “There is a turtle”. He said it as if he saw a pigeon or something that people could see every day. Man! It’s a sea turtle! A real one! Finally, I found my turtle that I was looking for since I had my first step to Greece! I became so excited and I took a photo of this poor turtle from every angle. Such a great end of a wonderful day!
There are a lot of amazing things to do and see in Kefalonia, so if I may suggest, you should spend there at least a week.
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