Newquay – My very first job abroad

I was 16 years old and I was also ready to discover the world or leastways Newquay. I started with exploring a little part of the UK, which was my extemporal home for 7 weeks in the summer of 2008.

The first disappointment

When I started to search for job opportunities for the summer, I thought I’d be an au pair. I found a nice family in the States, made some conversation on Skype, what’s more, I had already talked with the cute little girl whom I should have taken care of, she was around 5 years old. And then they wanted me to transfer some money without any confirmation paper or something like this. What a disappointment! In those days it was the worst feeling for me. I was torn apart. I imagined going to the USA, making some money with a quite easy job, while improving my English skills beyond my classmates. But unfortunately, I met some people like this. Scammers. Anyway, I just got over it and moved on.

The second one

I didn’t give up. I really wanted to work abroad. Anywhere. So I continued to find my summer job in the UK and I found a woman. Later, it turned out that it wasn’t a woman, but a man who had some dogs and he needed someone who looked after them, but my parents didn’t let me travel to an unknown man. That time I was so angry with them – and so naive – but now I’m so grateful that they might have spared me from a probable bad end of my summer. I’m sure there are some nice guys in the world who have 5 dogs and need some help with them, but who knows?

The Redeemer

I asked myself “What should I do then?” I continued to find out other possibilities to work abroad. And suddenly it just found me somehow. The students union that I was working for at the time just called me once and asked me if I would like to work abroad. Oh, that feeling! I’ll never ever forget that. I was like a kid with a new toy. Then they told me: “Ok you are going to Newquay to work at a McDonald’s.” Every girl’s dream is to work for a fast food chain restaurant in the summer, isn’t it? Unequivocally not! But that was the easiest way to work abroad for a while, so I went for it.


I met two girls at the airport who were there because of the same reason as I was. One of them, Adri instantly became my biggest support and my best friend during this trip. We felt as though we’d always known each other and we were really on the same wavelength. She became my roommate in a house where we were staying with about 15 other Hungarian people. We were all working at McDonald’s and we were a really good team at work and also after it. When we didn’t work, we had so much fun at parties and also explored the city together.

I will never forget the first 3 days at work. Newquay is in South-England and people have a different kind of accent there than I was used to – additionally, they drive on the other side -, I didn’t understand anything at all. My first customer wanted to order a bottle of water and asked the Wifi code. Poor man had to repeat it about five times until I finally understood him.

John, the owner was so kind and helpful and he showed us around the city and took us some local attractions nearby when we had a day off. And it was amazing! Newquay is located on Cornwall’s Atlantic Coast and it’s a wonderful town, with a civil parish, a seaside resort and a fishing port. I would like to go back there someday, but that time not for work.

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