Exploring Morocco – Part 3: red stones, the Silver City and women support

A new day, a new journey, a new fascinating tour. This time, we went to explore a miraculous beach on Legzira and took a few quick stops at some awesome places, such as Tiznit, the silver city. It was a huge adds-on that our guide was so communicative and told us a lot about the history of Morocco.

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Argan oil factory

Our first stop was an argan oil factory. This factory was reorganized to support women, especially athletes. The new King made some changes, for example establishing workplaces to support women or another one was prohibiting polygamy. Thanks to him, the situation of women has changed and Morocco has become one of the most open-minded countries in Africa.

We also visited an earthenware factory, where we had a chance to see how they make potteries. 

Youssef Ben Tachfine

The next destination was a wonderful photo-shooting place, the reservoir of Youssef Ben Tachfine situated near to Agadir. The view was totally breathtaking, but we didn’t have too much time to admire this wonderful landscape. A few minutes later we were walking on the small Sahara dunes of Rsmouka and met a local Berber man – and his sheep. It was unbelievable to me to live like a nomad. A digital nomad is ok, but I can barely imagine a world without my technical stuff. Although this lifestyle must be slower and calmer without the daily – sometimes only created – problems.


I’m just curious, what about you? Could you live like a nomad? Feel free to share your opinion with a comment below.


Half an hour later we stopped in Tiznit, the Silver City and we headed to the ancient silver capital of this city which is surrounded by a wall. After a short walk in the old Medina, we arrived at the silver factory, where Berber people created handmade silver jewelry. The shop walls were fully covered by mirrors, necklaces and earrings, what fun for the ladies.

Legzira Beach

Finally, we had our traditional Moroccan lunch at the most amazing beach in Legzira. Despite the rainy-windy weather, we went to explore the coastline. As it is usual in Morocco, some dogs also came with us as an adorable companion. Red stone arches, which were carved by the water and wind were so awe-inspiring as well as the power of the strongly surging ocean. I really love oceans, seas, lakes and every kind of water and I was totally impressed to see how powerful and mighty our beautiful Mother Nature can be.

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