Exploring Morocco – Part 1: Agadir & relaxing camel riding

We had an amazing time in Morocco. Our base was in Agadir while we were there. Fine, there were some weird situations, but maybe the reasons were simply the cultural differences. Morocco is a fascinating country, and these people are more open-minded than others in countries with similar culture, for example, Saudi Arabia.

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Usually, I write only one post about a place, but there were so many, new experiences that I have to expand it and add 3 more posts. So here is the first one from my Morocco travel stories that is about Agadir. Then I’ll share my adventures in Marrakech, then Legzira, Tiznit and the Mini Sahara and finally I would like to share some tips and advice for female travellers who are planning a trip to Morocco.

At first, we got a glimpse of the local culture and their habits on the beach in Agadir. Precisely on the way there. A man stopped us and had a lot of questions about us. We couldn’t get rid of him, no matter how hard we tried. Finally, he walked away, but as a goodbye, he shouted a ‘f**k off’ at us. How kind! Only two minutes later we met another man, and then one more – and a turtle – and it was the same scenario every single time… The turtle was gentle and really cute. And it continued on the beach too. We couldn’t take a single step without being distracted by vendors or local men. We created a strategy that worked well for a while and this way, we managed to get rid of them easily – later we figured out a better one, I’ll share it in the last post. The only thing we could do is to speak in our language (Hungarian) and look the other way. Not a polite solution, but it worked.  

One more thing that you should be aware of: a 3-star hotel is not the same here as in Europe. So if you need 3-star services, look for a hotel with a minimum of 4 stars.


All of our programmes were organized by a local agency, Admires Morocco. These guys are amazing and know exactly what we needed. We took a Legzira – Tiznit and a Marrakech tour with them, but the best day was when they showed us around Agadir. We also went to a camel riding on the same day. And it is one of the obligatory programs for everyone who visits Morocco. Such a relaxing program to ride a camel! We saw some amazing places during our ride.

The Agadir sightseeing was also perfect and its price is ridiculously cheap. It was a private tour for us, so it was totally customized. We saw the castle ruins at the top of Agadir, the biggest mosque and the suk. During our tour, the guys – who were the same age as we are – shared some tips and tricks about the locals and the city – for example: if you’d like to visit the marina of Agadir, be careful of thieves, they steal your money, passport, and everything. They also told us a lot about the history of Agadir. What I really liked is that I could ask anything and I had a lot of questions about the situation of women. Moreover, they took amazing photos of us. I have never ever had legs like this. Here is the proof below. I totally recommend this agency to everyone who wants to visit Morocco.

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