My first time in Singapore: Superheroes and lotus flowers – Part 2.

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The exhibition just ended and we had a whole day in Singapore! I was super excited and  I had a bunch of must-see attractions on my mind. This is the place where foodies, explorers, culture shapers, and even socializers can gain some new experiences, that they could never get in anywhere else, but in Singapore. One day was enough to explore part of the Marina Bay area and to try the coolest Super Hero restaurant ever!


We followed our usual way because earlier when we were hurrying to the exhibition we saw some interesting spots that seemed to be worth taking a closer look at. We were walking alongside the river and I spotted a hummingbird just as it was taking out the nectar from the flower. I had never seen hummingbird before. Although it had flown already away by the time I took my mobile phone to take a picture of it, it was a really nice feeling to see this little bird. Although it would have been great to capture it, I guess it is better to live in the moment instead of looking it through a tiny screen.

Continuing our walk along the path we were walking beside the Art Scene Museum which is also known for its distinct lotus-inspired exterior and it is the host of many exhibitions that combine design and technology. There is a plaza nearby, which is a luxury shopping complex. Its biggest attraction is a rainwater collector, the Rain Oculus. It makes whirl by pumping the water. Fascinating sight!

We saw the Sands SkyPark from our rooms, and we had already decided to check it on our first day in Singapore. The big boat is on the 56th floor – so high – but we had to spend less than 20 seconds in the elevator. This height would take around 5 minutes at home, knowing most elevators in Hungary. The view from the 56th floor was breathtaking and all of the photos that we took just look like a postcard. We couldn’t take a bad photo, seriously, I tried. The ticket was relatively expensive, but it was totally worth it. Magical place. We could see everything and even all of Gardens by the Bay, which is a huge park on 101 hectares of reclaimed land. Crazy futuristic sight from the sky.  This futuristic place is the home of more than 220.000 species of plants and there are 18 Supertrees which are actually tree-shaped vertical gardens between 25-50 meters tall.

I thought that Singapore flyer is only a flyer with a magnificent view of the city. But as we entered, we found ourselves in a stunning garden, where there are some mini lakes and a waterfall hidden in the garden consisting of a wide variety of plants. There was also a museum on the way leading to the flyer. Great attraction! We stepped into a glass capsule and I just realized how thrilling and amazing it is to be at 150 meters high. I felt like I was on the top of the World.

We went back to the mall to eat something and we found the coolest restaurant ever. Full of Superheroes. The food itself wasn’t a big deal –  the chicken was raw a bit -, but the serving was absolutely cool.

As a perfect end of our short sightseeing, we sat down on the shore of an artificial lake which is situated next to the Art Scene Museum. There were lots of lotus flowers on the lake, and it was a fascinatingly glamorous and peaceful spectacle.


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