My first time in Singapore: jellyfish and giant snail – Part 1

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It was my first time in Asia and although I travelled to Singapore for work, I was so excited and couldn’t wait to be in Singapore. I met my colleague at Dubai Airport – which was the most beautiful airport that I had seen so far – and continued our trip together.

As we stepped out the exit door of the airport, we were immediately struck by the tropical heat and high humidity – my hair reacted to the last one in a quite strange way. I felt like Alice in Wonderland during the short time we spent in the taxi on the way to our hotel. I was totally amazed by Singapore and this feeling just grew when we entered the hotel. It was the most elegant and beautiful hotel I had ever seen and our rooms had a wonderful view of Marina Bay Sands. Additionally, the accommodation had more restaurants and shops and every extra that a person could wish for.

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While we were walking to check the exhibition site – and searching for our crate, always the crate! – I was totally amazed by the city. We continued our way through Helix bridge which is considered to be the world’s first curved bridge and it was totally amazing at night with its lights which guarantee a unique visual experience. It looks like if somebody designed this city for the tourists and tried to impress them. And he made a really good job! Although Singapore is quite expensive, it is totally worth visiting it.


The show just began and we started to do the real work. It was so interesting as always. Moreover, I made a new friend whom I met at the neighbour’s booth. A little bit scary, but still kind and a really cool guy.

That’s why I really like working in this industry. I can see – and try – everything amongst the first. Simulators were everywhere at the show sites. It’s business I know, but how much fun it is to deal with pretty much anything in the amusement and attractions industry!

We had a workshop at the Asia Civilisation Museum, which is a great spot for art lovers. But we didn’t even have to step inside to find some amazing artworks in ACM Green, on the bank of the Singapore River.


Working dinners usually are the same, but in Singapore, it was a challenge. A challenge to find something, which is not a jellyfish, or a giant snail, or something like these. The bamboo with rice was the best choice for my taste and for my belly too. Plus Singapore’s nightlife is amazing and totally worth taking part in it.     

I had to work a bit after the show and parties, dinners, but I was sure I just found the best place to work.


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